Friday, May 13, 2011

SWEET SHOPPE party for a SWEET 3 year old!

 Welcome to Miss C's Sweet Shoppe 3rd birthday Party!!
 Even the Paper towels had Cupcakes on them!!

 We transformed my kitchen into a Pink Cupcake delightful Sweet Shoppe as well!!

 Everyone had to Stop in and Pose for a BAKERY Picture!!!
 What great "old fashioned" delights we had to eat!!

 Miss C wanted a RED CAR just like Grand-dude's!!!So Daddy and Mommy said Ok!!!
 Cute friends Miss H and Miss A with the Birthday girl!!
 Thanks so much Nancy, from A to Z  for making us this Great banner and the Pink Polka Dot table runner.
 Miss C with her Best friend Miss K
 The tables were set and ready for everyone.
 Grammie with her blue eyed grand-son!!And below Aunt Stacie came in for the Big Party and she sure enjoyed holding her darling nephew!!

I had SO MUCH fun, re-learning how to Sew for this party!!!Now sewing is my New favorite Hobby!!
Those cookies were made by one of my daughter's friends who now lives in Seattle, she had them sent in over night so they would be fresh and delicious, I ate the last one tonight and it is still fresh and delicious!!!

What a Great Party for a Spectacular little 3 year old!!!
Our daughter did an Outstanding job on this Great Party. Planning this for well over a year, it took alot of work to get all this stuff and set it all up. And  just a little over 24 hours later, I was hosting our Son's Law School Graduation Party. So I said  to her "if I am renting tables and chairs for that, just have her party here." SO to say the least, from one Pink Cupcake Party to a Manly Black and White damask Party in that short of time, THANK GOODNESS I had Lots of Help!!


Corie said...

What an amazing day and it turned out just like I imagined! Thanks for all your help and hard work and especially all the sewing you did for me! It was such a sweet day and for such a SWEET girl. I am so glad you captured such an incredible day for me on film!:)

Liz said...

SOOOOO Cute! Your bunting is perfect! What a darling party!!! The perfect Mimi...She sews and takes great pictures! :)

I think that your going to have to decide... party planner or photographer... :) Or maybe both!


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Wow Jamie!
That looks so amazing, what a great job you did decorating!
Happy Birthday to little Miss C, my she is a very lucky little girl to have a Grandma like you!
Big Hugs,

Debra said...

Jamie, your photos are beautiful and the party decorations are just lovely!


What a great idea! Obviously sweetie heaven! Love all the pink! Glad it all went so well. xxx

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

What a darling party for such a "sweet" girl! Loved that "Sweet Shoppe". Once again Jamie, you have dazzled me with your creativeness!

Julie said...

So very cute! Love the colors! So now, what were you losing sleep over sewing? I'm dying to know what you made :)

Corie said...

Julie-Anything fabric that you see was made by my mom. All of it. Banners, table runners, etc. She was a sweing crazy woman!:)