Sunday, June 26, 2011

Monte Carlo!!!

 Monaco's Grand Prix was held May 29, 2011. The winner was Red Bull's( we also saw the Corporate headquarters for Red Bull) Sebastian Vettel who also won the Pole position. Chuck and I were both so excited that most of the Race stuff was still up.
 This is the Royal Viewing Box!!!
 I bought Hello Magazine's the entire time I was in Europe and they had about 10 pages of coverage for  both the Film Festival and the Grand Prix. So I scanned this pic of the Royal Family that was in attendance.
 A Grand Prix Race car statue!!
 This is a sports Car made by Marussia  Motors a Russian Car Company. 
 One of the famous hair pin turns on the 2 mile track where they go around it about 75 times. It is considered one of the most demanding tracks on the racing circuit. It is done right on the streets of the Principality.
 Chuck loved seeing all the tire marks left behind!!
 The seats to view the race right in front of the Very Famous Monte Carlo Casino can cost you a very large Sum of Money!!!
 Here we are standing right in front of this famous Casino!!Can you say Mimi--Queen Mimi!!In my very James Bond Voice!!!!
 Since the Casino is going through some cleaning right now(after all the wedding reception will be held on the terrace right behind the Casino) we had to view it through alot of scaffolding. The Casino does not open til 4 p.m. and  you must be Properly dressed just to get in. Our tour left at 3 p.m.
 One of the Iron Doors on the back side!!!Love the Gold Crowns!!!

 The back of the Casino
 The terrace is honoring Princess Grace.
 The favorite thing for everyone to do in front of the casino is to look at ALL the fancy cars!!!We took our turn looking them over!!!

 The Hotel Paris, a very famous Hotel.
 We settled for a seat at the Cafe de Paris, over looking the Casino!!
 Gelato for me!!I love it and it tastes so much better in Europe!!!
 We also had a  beer!!!!And we had some Olives!!!On this Warm humid day, it tasted so good. I missed my daily iced tea, no ice tea in Europe, only hot. And the Soda there is flat and served lukewarm or just slightly cool. It did not taste good, so I am glad I am Not a big soda drinker!!!
Walking along part of the track!!!What a Magnificent day we had here in Monaco, it was a Surreal kind of day again!!!Back to the ship!!!!So many fun things to do there!!!


Shelia said...

Hi Jamie! Oh, I've missed so much! I've been trying to catch up with you and you've been on a wonderful cruise! Oh, how special! We've been to Monte Carlo 3 times! Isn't it so beautiful. Never seen the races but we we there a couple of days prior and they were setting up and had the streets blocked off! We were also in Cannes a couple of times too. Wonderful! Now your cruise was the way to go. What a lovely ship. We do love to cruise. I know you've had a fabulous time and I've so enjoyed all of your pictures.
Thank you for your sweet words and be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Grams said...

Jamie, Europe is a great place to visit! So glad you were able to do and see so much. I remember their drinks too, don't ask for ice and DON'T drink the tap water (it put our 3 year old in the hospital. Great Times. Kathy

DearSarah said...

Great pictures and love the blog. I love all the soft pink. Great color choice. :)


Deanna said...

Mimi--Queen Mimi, Gelato looks delicious!!!
I've never been to the actual Monte Carlo, but have owned two of them!! haha...I'm sure it doesn't compare.

A cold beer on an extra hot day just taste so great. My German Grandma would always have one after she gardened! Perhaps I should try this.

God bless and happy days ahead of you.