Monday, June 27, 2011

Under the Tuscan Sun--Livorno, Italy!!!

 The Word Tuscany conjures up Visions of Hillside vineyards and bright sunny days. I saw the movie and Loved it, but we departed the ship to Rainfall again, so we were under the Tuscan Clouds!!!I did spot this lovely view of a rolling hillside vineyard and I sure wish we could have stopped for a glass of Vino.
 Livorno, Italy was our Port City today and they are Not famous for much. The Wheat grown here is manufactured in this plant. The Country of Libya uses Livorno as it's home base in Europe for their Oil Refinery and our Guide said that Rome was considering other options. I am on vacation and really don't want to hear about other Countries problems, that sounds mean doesn't it, like we all want the world to care about our issues so now I feel bad that I did not care about the Italian and Libyan Government feud!!

 This is the Main Entrance to Camp Darby, a Large Army base there.
"Camp Darby's primary mission is to logistically support combat deployments that include war reserve storage and maintenance, maintenance of weapons and vehicles and their movement for rapid reaction and crises response operations spanning the globe." It also has a Beach and is a Popular vacation destination for Military Personnel. Hopefully the Sun will come out for us, so we can be UNDER the Tuscan Sun!!


Mevely317 said...

Oh Jamie ... that weather must have been so disappointing!
Tuscany is one of my favorite spots on earth. (I used to "see" an Italian cruise officer who lived just north of Livorno.) Perhaps you can make a date to celebrate your 36th over there and rent a villa?!

Deanna said...

Jamie, I think Italy would be a neat place to vacation at!

I have dreamt of seeing Italy. Did you get pinched while there?

Have a great time remembering this vacation of a lifetime. Awesome. So glad you're sharing with me.

I don't think you're are suppose to be where you get away from it all!!!

Buttercup said...

Jamie, I am so sorry you had rain. Tuscany is a great favorite of mine, but then there is nowhere I've been in Italy I didn't enjoy.