Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vatican City

 After arriving in our Port City of Civitavecchia, we boarded a private train that would take us to St. Peter's train Station.
 It was a fun 1 1/2 hour train ride.

 Our tour guide escorted us to Vatican City. I snapped a picture of  this Nun walking in front of us. I thought it was cute that she had gone shopping.
 Once you go  through the entrance  into St. Peter's Square, you are now in the boundaries of Vatican City. It is the world's smallest City-State-Country, encompassing only 110 acres. It is a Walled enclave within the city of Rome. There are approximately 800 people who call Vatican City Home. Once you enter St. Peter's Square you First take notice of St. Peter's Basilica and that famous dome. We were SO fortunate to be here on a Wednesday, the POPE holds Mass in St. Peter's square on Wednesdays and Sundays. Normally you must have an advance ticket to get in, but due to smaller then normal crowd size we were allowed in.
 The Obelisk in the center of St. Peter's Square.

 On January 22, 1506, Pope Julius the 2nd founded the Pontifical Swiss Guard and used them as his Personal body guards and this tradition continues on today. The Swiss Guards continue to wear their traditional Uniforms. Recruitment is arranged by a special agreement between the Holy See and Switzerland. All recruits must be Catholic, unmarried males with Swiss citizenship who have completed their basic training with the Swiss Army.
 The Apostolic Palace, this is where the Pope resides.

 Here comes Pope Benedict XVI, he is from the lower part of Bavaria in Germany. By this point, I am beyond excited to be in the Presence of this Holy Man. It  was unreal to me. And I am not Catholic. But I truly felt Honored.
 There was only one other person in front of me next to the chains that blocked off the roadway for his Pope Mobile to get through. I felt his wave go over me. It was unbelievable to say the least.

 He arrives on the stage and greets the cheering crowd, what you here in the background even over the cheering crowd is a  Massive Organ playing wonderful music, I taped it on my I-Phone and if I figure out how to download this, I promise I will.
I told my hubby, if we had to leave Rome now, I would leave a happy girl!!!!


Corie said...

Oh my gosh! Those Pope pics are unbelievable! How cool!! Some people may think you "copied and pasted" those...but you are one of the luckiest gals who always seem to be at the right place at the right time! I would have also felt very lucky to have been in the Pope's presence. Amazing!

JENNIFER, said...

Hi Jamie! I'm going to have to come back and read up on what I missed so far of your trip, my mom is here for a week or so and I just haven't had time to blog much. I want to wish you and your beautiful family a very happy 4th of July! Hugs, Jennifer :o)

Debra said...

Girl...ya'll having a great time! Lovely pictures!

Julie said...

Those Pope pictures are awesome. How cool to be so close and in the presence of such a Holy figure. My Grandma, Aunt and Uncle (all Catholic) were there in May the day after the Beautification of Pope John Paul II. The square was packed, but the mass wasn't said by the Pope it was done by an Italian Cardinal instead. You definitely were there on the perfect day :)