Saturday, June 25, 2011

Visiting a Museum and a Cathedral in Barcelona

 The Museum d' Historia preserves the ruins of Roman era Barcelona. The ruins are dated from 1st century B.C. to 7th century  A.D. You see what was once a cloth dying and Fish Salting factory. As well as wine making facilities. In this picture you see the Age old ruins of Barcelona and the modern day City, what a sharp contrast it is.
 The tour is done by a hand held audio guide. We were instructed by many friends who have visited Europe to wear your purse around your neck, we were told Barcelona and Rome were the top 2 pick pocket cities. So we took No chances. Those cyclists speed by so close to you, that a purse snatcher could have your purse and be gone in a flash.
 This is  where the fabric was dyed with indigo. After all these years the blue stain is still there.
 A Mosaic from the Royal palace.
 Wall Mural well preserved.
 Some of the old writings.

 the wine making area.
 A column from the church
 Old pottery found onsite
 a detailed engraved Plaque
 Chuck is looking at a diorama of the city as it might have looked.
 Now on to the Barcelona Cathedral. We wanted to see both the Cathedral and the Basilica. Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia is not considered a Cathedral. We just did not have time to see both. Our Hotel clerk, said the La Sagrada is far more crowded and under construction so she recommended this one. It was starting to sprinkle and the Sun was not out so this pic is a little out of focus.
 This Cathedral was also under some kind of re-furbishing.
 This is part of the Cathedral Plaza grounds.

 The ornate details and Gothic Architecture is stunning to the eye.
 The towering spires and gargoyles
 the arches were amazing

 I got a real sense of the Spiritual history once inside,  the feeling was real.
 I told Chuck, I can hear the whispers and Prayers of the past, he just looked at me like maybe I agree!!
I loved all the Stained glass windows throughout this Magnificent Cathedral.


Corie said...

LOVE stained glass windows. My patient makes them and says one good size window takes her years to make! Crazy, huh? LOVE your are SO talented and are a great photographer. The pics are stunning!

Buttercup said...

We spent time at the Cathedral, too, and made do with other Gaudi architecture. It was a hard choice, but with so little time in Barcelona, I knew I would regret not seeing the Cathedral. Not sorry for the choice at all. I loved Barcelona and hope to return and spend more time there.

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Such fabulous architecture and wonderful history. A great tour. Hugs, Marty