Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Alpine slide---Gondola Ride

 We each took several turns racing down the mountain on a little sled --called a LUGE. This was SO fun!!!!
 I easily snapped pics while going up!!!
 Off I go!!!
 I survived run #1, do you watch Amazing race????Remember they did this and each team had to complete the run in a certain amount of time, Doubt I qualified this run!!!!
 Believe it or not, you are going very fast if you are not pulling back on the brake!!here is Chuck and Stacie on run #1.

 Big Red rode with Stacie!!

 Run #2, this is so fun!!!I think I may have qualified this time!!!

 NO hands!!!!He was flying down this hill!!!

 Now let's go ALL the way to the top.

What a View!!

From the top, hang gliders jump off, NO way would I do this!!!

So happy we got to spend a week with Stacie, it was so fun and such great memories were made.

The Alps are absolutely gorgeous!!
Good bye Mountain Tops!!

WOW, again PINCH me!!!!

The drive through this part of Germany is done on the Romantic Strabe......that is an understatement.
Back on the Autobahn......
how fast can I drive.....FAST --NO Speed limit fast!!!
Cars whiz by...and fast!!!
Not a bad word, Means Exit!!!

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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Weeeeee! So much fun. You MUST link up a travel post on Wayfaring Wednesday. :)