Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Romantic Soul of Bavaria is in Fussen, Germany!!!

 While we were where reality meets the dream, we stayed here at the Euro Park Hotel, no air conditioning, none needed, open your windows and there in front of you were the Majestic Mountains and the Lech River floating by.
 We took off on foot to go see the town.
 What a lovely walk it was.
 We ate dinner here at this charming Italian Restaurant complete with it's own Beer Garden.

 I love OLIVES!!!!!We ate them nearly everyday!!!
 The town of Fussen is like a fairytale city, so charming with it's cobblestone streets, frescoes on almost every building and the friendliest people around.


 Big Red loved every European City we took him.

 Oh my goodness, DO you remember Woolworth's????I certainly do!!!My Grandma would take us there on Saturday's after we had spent the night there, each of us grandkids got a turn at spending the night and going into town for lunch and shopping, she was always fair and always remembered whose turn it was to spend the night. I loved those special times when it was just me and them. My Grandparents were the Best, always putting us first.
 The Apotheke is a Pharmacy or drug store.
 This is a partial view of The Benedictine Monastery of St. Mang and the Fussen High Palace.

 To get the car out of the parking garage, we were instructed to pull the chain and the gate would open, I now have lived the experience of having to PULL someone's chain to get out!!!!
 It opened!!
Imagine living in this magical place and driving by these magnificent Castles every single day?????

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Corie said...

How beautiful!!! I would LOVE Germany!!! I think it would be my fave!!! I will have to go sometime for sure!!!! LOVE the Luge pics and the beautiful scenery! WOW!!!