Monday, July 25, 2011

BEACH DAY or Beach DAYS!!!!

 What a Great Beach day!!!Warm, sunny and a great place to have lunch!!!My next door neighbor was the Manager of this Fine eating establishment for several years, and since she stays in the Newport/Laguna Beach area for the summer, we decided to try it out!!!
 I loved the tin ceilings and all the old pictures on the walls.
 My Salad was so good and so flavorful. I thought it was one of the BEST chicken salads ever.
 Lunch and a View of the ocean, nothing beats that.
 This place is indeed Sophistication by the Sea!!

 Could hardly wait to get my toes in the sand and the cool Pacific Ocean.
 Little One loves it......
 But is visible afraid of it......
 OH NO.... the wave took her down, she was terrified, and Crying. I felt so bad and scooped her up As quickly as I could.
 For the rest of the day... we made sandcastles!!
 Little guy loved just hanging out. So cute in his new swim wear!!

 Found a Sprinkles Cupcake near by!!!

 Now off to dinner...sorry our Son could not come with, it's his Birthday and He is HOME--his Home ALONE  studying...his lock down(BAR EXAM SCHOOL is almost done at this point) He stayed home and studied on his birthday...we have seen him twice in eight weeks, it soon will be over he says and then the Party came come!!!!So we had a great meal in his honor. The place even has his initials in it's name. Claim Jumper!!!
 I love spending fun week-ends with these littles!!
 Beach day #2 I have a picture of this little girls Mommy, aunt and uncle on this same bench!!!Some 25 years ago!!!
 Day 2 sunny warm day---well 78, so cool for us desert rats!!!But packed beach day!!!
 She walked on the pier.....did not want nothing to do with the beach!!So we left and went shopping!!
 What an awesome shopping complex, right across the street from the beach!!!See it in the background????
 Really????We spotted Williams and Sonoma, Ann Taylor , this place was definitely unique, a pillow made out of burlap was $200.00!!!!
 We found the cutest bakery/coffee place though, loved this large Regal chair!!!
 Loved the cupcakes!!!
 I had 4 scheduled Beach photo shoots and it was nearly time so we headed out to the beach again....she preferred to sit here.....
 or maybe this far back.......
 even this cute little guy could not get her to go much farther....
 this little guy loved it!!!

 Always keeping an eye on the water!!!
 Off to Huntington Beach for dinner at Duke's!!!We love Dukes!!!Duke's in Malibu, Duke's in Waikiki.
 It was cold, so she wore her Princess towel to dinner!!
 I had not been to Huntington Beach in Years, I was pleasantly surprised at how awesome it is now. Duke's right on the beach!!
So fun, we hate to go home and face that heat!!!But getting away sure makes tolerating the long hot summers much easier.


just call me jo said...

How do you stay so thin when you eat and so many scrumptious places. Ms C is a land lady. Sea water is kinda dirty, too. Love the pictures. You do get around..."I get around..." Beach Boys wasn't it?

nancygrayce said...

I'm with the princess! Let's shop! Looks like a fun trip!

Corie said...

LOVE the few beach pics we got of her. Darn wave made her scared. she better be ready for more waves though...Maui is calling our names!

Krystal said...

So cute! I just love the beach. Looks like the kids loved it too. Poor Miss C...Corie told me about how she got pushed over by the wave and now she doesn't not like the ocean. Good thing kids forget/ forgive fast cuz Hawaii is just around the corner for you guys! KJ and Camdyn would have so much fun together just playing in the sand. Thats the best part to them right?

Deanna said...

Awesome time to enjoy on the beach!
Thanks Jamie for sharing with us and showing me the sights.

I may never get that far west again but with pics on this blog I feel like I'm there with you all!

I can just imagine my feet in the water and eating a sweet cupcake. When I see decorated cupcakes I think of your granddaughter!

Sweet times together with family!