Monday, July 25, 2011

Dissyland--I mean Disneyland!!!

 A couple weeks ago, my hubby was away on a trip to Lake Tahoe and I said to our daughter, "let's GET OUT of this Heat and go to the Beach". So off we went. But if we are near Disneyland or Dissyland as the Grand daughter calls it, we must go!!!For a Summer July day, the place was really not that crowded. And it was a cool 75 degrees!!!
 Found a shady spot to sit down and take a pic and wait for the parade to start!!!
 We are ALL ears for what you say!!!
 The Snow Queen, let's go talk to her!!!She hates apples!!

 We love all the Disney Parades and this one was Fabulous!!!

 And this little girl loves horses and carousels!!
 THIS place although quite visible is really somewhat covert or clandestine, although nothing about it is bad in any way shape or form, we are after all in DISNEYLAND!!!THIS is CLUB 33. Walt Disney wanted a private club of sorts at Disneyland for the guests who might require some privacy or a place to have a fine meal where others can not see you. THIS is it, the wait list to get in this private club is CLOSED and could take over 20 years. YOU must be invited by a member and the cost of your meal is that of a 1 day ticket, so around $75.00. While we were posing for this pic, someone came up and rang the bell to be admitted. The procedure just to Get in is quite secretive in itself. You must say the name of the word of the day.
 Here is the box with the bell to ring and speak in to. So amazing!!!!
 Oops, I meant to post the pic of the flying Dumbo, he flies at night along with tinkerbell and it was so AWESOME!!!
 Miss C loved seeing Tinkerbell and Dumbo fly!!
 This pics are a bit out of order, we did park hop but we started in California Adventure. This is the New Ariel ride and the Animatronics are outstanding.
 Her hair floats!!
 Cars 2 came out a few weeks ago  and it is a big hit!!!
 Meeting Chip and Dale and even little dude loves it!!!
 "hi mommy", mommy was busy feeding brother so Mimi and Miss C rode this one.
 Getting Goofy to sign my book!!
 Meeting Mickey!!!
 Lunch with Ariel and her Princess friends

Learning the new Princess Pose!!!We had so much fun and the older she gets the MORE fun it is!!!


Deanna said...

Howdy Jamie!
I've never heard of Club 33. This is interesting.
When you get to go inside, plez take pics and share!!!
grins. This could happen with your charm!!!

75 degrees sounds heavenly. Ahhhhhhhh.

Your Grands are darling. Little Liam is sure a cutie and growing. Saw his sweet smile.

God bless,

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh how fun Jamie!
I bet Miss C just had the time of her little life! Such beautiful pics too! The very fist time we took Katie to Disneyworld she was 3 years old.
For us, Disneyworld is closer and usually a cheap airline ticket. Now I look forward to taking Addison someday!
Baby still not here. Due date was today. they won't let her go past August 1st.
Looking forward to seeing you!

Corie said...

Oh how we LOVE DISNEY!!! We always have the best time and so fun with the lil ones!!! Cant wait to go to Disney World now. I am ready to go already!:)

Mevely317 said...

Lovin' these pix of your beautiful grands, Jamie!
Especially wanted to send a big old "thanks" for showing the world how mom and daughter can have such FUN in one another's company!

PS - I LIKE that term, Dissyland. "Disney" is soooo yesterday - LOL!