Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cocktail Reception with the Captain and not 1 but 2 formal Nights!!

 Because we have cruised so many times with Royal Caribbean we were invited to a Cocktail Party with the Captain!!!!Drinks were Free too!!!We almost did not go, as we had been in St. Tropez all day in the rain....but we hurried and cleaned up a bit and went with our New Great friends Tracy and Debbie!!
 Loved the Champagne tower!!
 The ice sculptures and food designs were amazing!!
 He was so kind and welcoming and I got a sense that this Company really Appreciate's returning guests!!
 This  it what I wore on  formal night #1. I did not get any New formal wear for the cruise, this Red dress was given to me by my MIL, I have now worn it to a few occasions, So this dress was left on the Ship with a note to donate it to someone. I did get NEW SHOES!!!!!!And I Love them!!
 The Sunsets were breathtaking!!
 Walking around the ship waiting for dinner.

 Love these shoes!!
 Our formal pic!!
 Formal Night #2,This dress has also been worn multiple times and got left on the ship as well.  These are our New Friends and we all sat at the same table!!!Tracy and Debbie live in Iowa, she is the Director of a Christian Pre-School, Tracy works with Aeronautics. Mark is an OB/GYN-Fertility Specialist. His Wife Sue is his Embryonic Specialist. We had some GREAT dinner time conversations!!They live in Wisconsin. But have a few homes elsewhere!!
After dinner we met up with Kevin and Brenda(remember they live very near to us) and Kevin's sister Debbie and her husband(he was not in the pic as he ran to the .....you know) and guess what Debbie's husband does????He is an OB/GYN as well in Virginia Beach. boy; the next day, our day at Sea we had alot of Great conversations!!Debbie was also born in the same small town as I was. Small World isn't it!!
We had So much fun dancing with everyone!!!What a Great night!


Corie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the formal night pictures. The dresses are spectacular, but someone will love getting those dresses donated. And your Badgley mischka shoes are to die for. I always get compliments on the ones you bought me! (And to think SOME people think your clothes/shoes/etc are ugly?! Who are they to speak such nonsense? They hide like a coward behind the title "anonymous". Haha) I am so glad you met such nice friends on the cruise. It is good to surround yourself with kind and genuine people.:)

Chrissy said...

I LOVE that you left some of your clothes on the ship to be donated!!

Mevely317 said...

Beautiful formal-wear pix!
I think that's SO cool about leaving your dresses to be donated! Isn't it a shame there's such little opportunity anymore to dress "up"?

Deanna said...

Jamie, you look stunning in red!!!
Great color for you.

Wonderful time you had and many wonderful memories to recall.

Cocktails with the Captain and formal nights with friends....can't get much better than that on a cruise!
God bless,