Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Trying to do it all in the City of Why Nots!!

 Broadway Play Saturday Night Fever, and it was not good but Great!!

 "How about some Karaoke"???My 15 minutes of fame!!!We said NOPE!!
 your very own Private Karaoke booth!!
 SO true!!!
 The Ice Skating Show was fabulous, these Skaters were in MY Opinion Olympic Caliber Skaters!!!
 The theme of the Show was also very interesting, the Costumes were OUTSTANDING!!
 A few hula hoops....


 And the Other show was called In the Air, the entire show was Cirque de Soleil style, most of it  in the air!!
 Swim time!!!
 Sun bathing
 H2O Zone, and a Surf rider and boy was it fun, I skipped out, but Kevin was a Pro, he says from all his wake boarding experience!!
 This is where I spent most of my time, soaking my aching feet and body in the hot tub that hung out over the ship....Don't worry I am not in there in this pic!!
 Pool time movies were another fav of mine!!Wizard of Oz!!!!
 The Rock Climbing wall, nope not doing that, not afraid of heights, I just know that after long days out sightseeing, I would NOT be able to pull myself up!!!
 Miniature golf, We did want to do this, but Never had time..How sad.....to many other fun things to do!!!
 Loved the Adult Pool theme, the birds were gorgeous!!!

 What great friends we made
 HI!!I was up above walking the running path!!
 So nice and cool up here!!
 And the View!!!

The food is always displayed so nicely!!!
What a Great time...we are So Blessed to have gotten to go on this Fabulous Cruise!!!!
SO happy my Hubby works so hard and Won this trip!!!
and WHO KNOWS...MORE trips may have been WON!!!!YEAH!!!


~Kristen~ said...

Jamie! I have been following your vacation and loving all the pictures. But this one takes the cake ... only because I was going to be doing a cruise on this boat next year with the "Girls Get-Away" like I did last year. Love seeing what I get to experience in a few months :-) Looks like you've had fun on your vacation.

Corie said...

Now that is an awesome cruise ship! Look at all that fun stuff you had to do, to bad you were busy on a European vacation to enjoy it all! :) and to think, Dad is taking you on another cruise soon......that will make "anonymous" feel really pathetic! So fun!

nancygrayce said...

Looks so wonderful! I've never been on a cruise but this makes me want to!!!!!

Deanna said...

Oh Jamie, What a super cruise ship.

A vacation of a lifetime!