Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Exploring Pompeii

 After lunch, we went to the once thriving town of Pompeii. Of course it was completely covered in Ash after Mt. Vesuvius erupted for 2 full days, covering this once busy Sea Port town in 8-10 feet of Ash.
 Chuck walking with Tracy and Kevin.
 The ruins of the Coliseum.

 Our tour guide was explaining the daily life of this town prior to the eruption. Even if they had warning, where would they have gone and how would they have gotten out???

 Our tour guide explained that this structure was some what of a fast food take out kind of place!!!It was called a cauponae or small restaurant. A bar type business was discovered as well as some erotic type businesses, our tour guide either chose Not to show us those places or because so many other groups were there, maybe they draw straws as to who goes to those places. The wall art at the Brothel is quite clear as to what kind of services were available there. Our friends Mark and Sue got to go inside.

 The grooves in the cobble stone streets from the wheeled carts going through this once very active place.

 Some of the streets were pedestrian only walk ways. The large boulders were placed there to keep carts out.
 Tracy and Debbie enjoying the ruins.

 A sliding door was once here.

 Kevin and Brenda just to the right of Tracy and Debbie.

 Some of the wall art we saw.
 Some of the preserved bodies buried in ash. These pics are graphic and real sad.

 The pregnant lady.
 The Praying man.
 One of the public bath halls we went in to see.
 The domed ceiling
Wall art, so amazing after so many years, it is hard to believe unless you see it for yourself.
What a Great day we had exploring this Great part of Italy. The Amalfi Coast and the historic town of Pompeii.


Rettabug said...

Jamie, we did this exact same tour! I was deeply moved by the mummified bodies with the screams still evident on their faces. Horrific!
We also saw the erotic art on the wall. Too funny, actually! *blush!

I'm so glad we got to visit these places while Ern could still get around well. Now, even contemplating a trip to the Biltmore Estates in NC at Christmas is going to be a challenge. Lots of stairs!!

Corie said...

How sad about those people that are covered in ash. The praying man and pregnant lady?! SO SAD! They really must have been so scared. Can't even imagine!! But, so cool to see so many things in history!

Debbie said...

Too bad you didn't get to see the "Oh My GOD room" is pretty outrageous! Looking at all your pictures reminds me of my vacation there. I want to go back one day. I love Europe, Italy and Germany are my favorite so far...but I also love Switzerland, Hungary, Austria and Prague. You will have to visit those places too one day:)

Mevely317 said...

Oh wow. Part of me longs to see Pompeii, the other - honest, I don't know if I could handle it. I was so moved by the pregnant lady and praying man! So many questions!