Sunday, July 3, 2011

Naples and the Amalfi Coast!!!!

 Yeah, Our new friends are on the Same tour as we are!!!!
 Our port today is Naples, and it is Raining again. But we will not let a little downpour ruin our Fun day!!!The first thing you notice after getting off the Ship is this Large Castle, it is Castel Nuevo or New Castle, hardly new, it's construction began in 1279.
 The other Most notable sight is Mount Vesuvius. It  is best known for its eruption in 79 A.D. that led to the burying and destruction of the Roman  cities of Pompeii  and  Herculaneum.
 We are off for a Scenic Boat ride on the Beautiful Amalfi Coast.
 The 12th Century Castle of Abbot Constabillis high on a hill overlooking the Amalfi Coast.
 I found it so interesting that even on a rainy morning, you see laundry hanging out to dry!!! I loved ALL the baby clothes hanging on this one.
 We are at our Sea side town to take us on our Cruise along the coast. A little bit of Sunshine!!!

 Then after we got on board, it started POURING!!!!!
 And I mean Cold rain!!!

 Please God, bring us some Sunshine!!!

 We arrived and the SUN CAME OUT!!!

 It is Beautiful!!!
 The Amalfi Coast is famous for a couple of things, Pottery and Lemons!!!Well not counting the Amazing Coastline and  the Azure Blue Mediterranean Sea.
 It is the first thing you notice in town, lemons and pottery!!
 Tracy and Debbie walking hand in hand!!!
 At the top of the Staircase is Saint Andrew's Cathedral, it overlooks the Piazza Duomo. The Cathedral dates back to the 11th Century. The Cathedral contains a tomb in it's crypt that it maintains still holds a portion of the relics of the Apostle Andrew.

 The fountain in the Piazza.
 I had to......

 Walking around this charming town.

 Lemons were everywhere.Due to Volcanic ash in the region flowers and agriculture grow so well because of the fertility of the soil.
 I love the Bell Towers.
 The narrow streets.
 Let's stop for a Cappuccino with friends!!!
 Mark and Sue (from Wisconsin) And Tracy and Debbie (from Iowa) We had so much fun with them.

 When we arrived at the cafe, there was some nice Italian music playing in the background, then the owner came out started talking to us, discovered we were Americans and changed the music to MICHAEL JACKSON!!!!We all got a good laugh about that one!!! He was so sweet though.
 The storm clouds moving out!!
 Back on our boat tour of the coast, this time we got to sit outside!!!
 The tour guide pointed out this opening, it leads to the Conca dei Marini--the grotto dello Smeraldo. Translates-Valley of the marine Gods--Cave of the Emerald.

 I want to vacation here!!!
 And stay there!!!I left my heart in AMALFI!!!
 Time for lunch, we ate here at this hotel.
 And this is where something Unbelievable happened, this Man(Kevin and his lovely wife Brenda) they were also on our tour, asked if they could sit at our table. We all introduced ourselves and then the next set of questions occurred. Where are you from????Arizona!!!What city, well I will just say it is only  about 25 miles from us!!!Now on to the Amazing part, he was born 7 days after me in the SAME CITY!!!His Dad still lives there, and was born the same month and Year as MY DAD!!!!Kevin still has a business in a larger city very near to where we were both born. He moved from there when he was a boy, but still returns there often to see his family. We are now connected by all these similarities and we are meeting them for dinner this week.
Music accompanied lunch, but I heard nothing, I was so busy chatting with our New friends!!!
This was our 2nd course that followed a caprese salad. This food was so good, I told someone it looked like Italian enchiladas!!!The wine was also fabulous!!The 3rd course was chicken, potatoes and green beans. All very good. Dessert was yummy too!!What a great day so far!!!!


Char said...

You don't mention when you are returning home. I know that is not what you want to be thinking about now....having too much fun.
I think the one thing you learn when you travel is how small the world really is. Just think of all the wonderful people you met and even someone from here!!! Take it all in and enjoy, Char

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Corie said...

Amalfi looks amazing! I love the statues and fountains in Europe and find it rather funny that they are slightly obsessed with nudity.:) LOL And its so incredible how crazy it is about you and your new friends and what a small world it is. And to think some people don't think that strangers could turn into good friends. So glad you made some new friends! It is so important to surround yourself with positive and nice friends...and even better making NEW ones too!:)

Rettabug said...

I LOVED The green beans in Italy & have been looking to find the recipe for how they made them for YEARS!!! They were served at room temp. along the rest stops on the autoway everywhere.

We adored AMALFI!!! Would ♥ to go back!