Monday, August 8, 2011

LODGED in our Memory!!

 The Greer Lodge burned down this summer, not from the wildfire, but an electrical fire. We all nearly cried when we pulled up and  saw this. So very sad.
 That famous fireplace......
 I know they will re-build this landmark.
 This pic was taken last summer when we were up there having lunch and hanging out on their patio enjoying this magnificent piece of earth.

 The VIEW last summer....then the WALLOW WILDFIRE swept through this area and now it looks like this.....See the bottom(did not want to ruin this post with to many sad pics)
 Us last year, there was 5 of us last year...
 This was this year.....
 Having lunch here at this charming place!!
 HAIL and Rain and 56 glorious degrees!!!!IN AUGUST!!!

 This Lovely Cabin Mansion(Pool and all) belongs to George Strait--allegedly!!!!

 My favorite thing of all, sit on Dawn's porch, sipping coffee, hot chocolate or wine and rock in the chairs!!!
 CHATTING away!!!!girls trips are So fun!!!

 This year we had 7 girls!!!So much fun!!!
 All 7 of us Below!!!!What a Great time we had!!!
 It came very close to destroying the entire town of Greer, Az.
I hope if the trees don't all grow back in my life, that they do in my kids lifetime. It is so beautiful, yet a sign of how senseless one little campfire left unattended can cause such loss. 


Blondie's Journal said...

it looks like you had a wonderful time, Mimi! You look beautiful in the pictures!

It's so sad when we lose a place that held great memories. We recently lost a great BBQ place {to an electrical problem!!} and I really miss it. Well...that's what memories and Kodak are for! ;-D


Corie said...

WOW! It is beautiful up there. It really looks like what I hope HEAVEN does.:) I can NOT wait to go up there!!!! It will come soon enough!:)

Deanna said...

Sweet friend, You have the best life!!!