Monday, August 1, 2011

Salzburg gives us so many fun things to look for

We started our day out on the Public bus, but we passed by the Mozartsteg Foot Bridge where the children and Maria came skipping off of it then paused for a few minutes to look over at the river.
Our first stop to get off the bus was at the Frohnburg Palace(this is where the Glass Gazebo was) I wanted to go back and skip around the gazebo, but we were told we had about a 1 mile walk down the tree lined Hellbrunner Allee. It was a very nice walk as most of the roadway was shaded. Here is Stacie and Dad walking down the Allee singing "I have Confidence".Ok, not really!!
I was though!!!!Only I am walking the wrong direction, had to walk the wrong way to get a pic, I was so excited to get there, I was a little ahead of them!!!
Hubby wanted to stop and get  a pic in this field with the Untersberg Mountain in the background. That is the mountaintop where they shot the Ariel views.
Loved the fields of flowers!!
There's the fortress again.
We walked by this Palace and  I had to get a pic, I am thinking I want to Paint the outside of our house a Gold color now!!!!
OH YEAH!!!!WE ARE HERE!!!!!!It looks exactly as it did in the movie!!!You cannot go inside as it is an Art School now and the No Trespassing sign was right in front of the round green hedge.

There is a door bell on the pillar.....I do believe that is the bell she rang in the movie only in the movie it looks like she is at the door.....The big Gate was Opened!!
I pretended to ring the bell!!
Oh I could have stood here all day!!!
After a conversation with a locale about where we catch the bus, funny thing is I asked him if we walk a couple of Blocks!!!He said"Ma am what is a Block!!"I have got to learn the metric system before I go back to Europe in March!!!!This is the Birthplace of Mozart.

Oh my goodness, imagine our surprise, of ALL the little souvenir stores near there, we walked into this one and found this sight!!!!
I wanted to stand beside them and join their happy little faces!!
Then we stopped for lunch. I LOVE all the outside cafe's. Most do charge you an occupancy fee!!
Then we walked over to the Pferdeschwemme(the horse Bath) right across the street is the Felsenreitschule Riding School, this was once a big quarry where they got the stone to build the Cathedral, but in 1693 the Archbishop had a riding arena constructed there. It was later integrated into the Festival Hall and is still used to stage performances. It was here that the Von Trapp family performed in the Salzburg Music Festival and the festival is still held each year. This is also the place the family planned their escape from. You can only get inside the Hall by guided tour and we missed the last one of the day by a mere 15 minutes, I begged to get inside.....but the answer was no.
The big fountain with the horse statue.
This is the Large Dome Cathedral.

This large fountain is located in Residenzplatz Square, this is where Maria is seen confidently singing through out town 'I have Confidence" and she splashed some water up to show this!!!The Palace residence is where The Prince Archbishop once lived. In the movie the Nazi flag was seen draped across the building with the German Soldiers marching by.
I had to tip toe to reach the water to splash some!!!
Remember the arch way???And the Horse drawn Carriages that Maria and the children rode in????
This is St. Peter's Monastery, you will see below why we came here.
We walked up this sidewalk....
Stacie spotted this "hidden Mickey" very fast.........she is a true Disney employee!!!!Always looking for hidden Mickeys!!It was on some one's gravestone.....what it means we could not figure out. But we loved it.
The steeple.
The cemetery, this is where the Von Trapp family hid in the cemetery, not at the Abbey.

I find it quite interesting to walk around in cemetery's. Glad Stacie likes this too as we have done this on several vacations.
See the Large rock on the side of the mountain???
Inside the Monastery.

There goes a Monk up the stairs.

And this is the outside of the Horse arena, now the Music hall......I wanted in so bad!!Look at the horses on the doors below. Well this ends our walking/public bus tour of Salzburg, we did go to a grocery store from here but I did not take any pics in there, I wished I had because we were quite entertained in there. So many things to look at. Dinner that night was quite interesting......for me.....COKE, that I poured in a glass of ice back at the hotel, Lays potato chips, Austrian Chocolate, maybe a few bites of cheese and olives!!


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh how fun Jamie, I was there about 25 yrs. ago and I so remember the same places. Your pics are wonderful and the tour was fabulous. Great memories. Hugs, Marty

Corie said...

LOVE that post. So cool to see all the movie locations!!!!

Chatty Crone said...

Gosh what a great trip.

Liz said...

WOW! It doesn't look crowded at all. You guys must have had so much fun! I would have loved seeing all these places. :)