Sunday, October 23, 2011

MAUI day 3

 Decided to drive to the TOP of Haleakala, it is 10,023 feet to the top!!!We passed a sugar mill still being used today...they grow alot of sugar cane on Maui.
 You can also Bike down the Volcano, did this in 1990 on our first trip to Maui. It is a BLAST!!!On my top 10 best things I have done list!!!!It is very cold at the top, and since you arrive before Sunset, it is even colder, so you must dress accordingly. We saw this group flying down the mountain!!!
 Almost to the top
 The view of the Crater.....and it was cold today even at 10 or 11 a.m.and Windy!!!
 Quick pic!!
 back inside....oh it's much warmer in here!!!
 this looks like some kind of  laboratory......
 The silversword plant, only grows on MAUI at elevations over 6900 feet.....not as many up there as I recall seeing.....they kind of glow.
 Having lunch at Monkeypods!!!!So good, wood burning ovens make the best Hawaiian pizzas!!!

 Cute place!!
Love the waterfall!!!

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