Sunday, October 23, 2011

Maui Day 4---Zippity do dah--Zippity Yeah!!!

 I loved that the kitchen had a pass through window, easy to get your breakfast served to you!!Our Son -in-Law is a great cook and made us breakfast every morning!!!
 Dude-dude babysat the kiddos while we went Zip-lining, so he took Miss C to ride a horse!!!

 Off they go!!!!

 She loved it to say the Least!!!!!!!her first time on a BIG horse.
 Are we really doing this!!!YES!!!Will is a dare devil and could not wait!!!
 I have done this one other time....but we did NOT have to run down a slanted ramp and JUMP OFF......I was scared to death!!!My camera zooms I think Corie got no pics of me participating. That's ok....
 off she goes...her and I kept singing Zippity do dah

 The canyons were pretty deep!!

 The suspension bridge was scarier then zip-lining!!!

 We loved it by the 5th and Final FAST ZIP line!!!!

 Lunch in the sand at Hula Grill in Lahaina
 My favorite drink accessory
 even in your milk!!
 the fruit platter was amazing!!!
 The flowers were stunning...I love the Anthuriums, The flower of Love!!!
 The Proteas were pretty too.

We had so much fun everyday!!!!

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