Monday, October 24, 2011

Maui Day 6

We started our day out at the beach again.Miss C loves making new friends and these twin girls were so much fun for her to play with.
 oops, I thought I uploaded the pic of both of them.......there was two and they were identical!!!
 drawing her family in the sand!!!!
 Little dude playing in the sand again!!!!

 Miss C loved her bathroom at our condo, she was so in love with all the geckos outside and to have one in the shower made it so fun!!!!!The rock floor wound it's way from the bathroom shower all the way out the floor and down the steps into the living area!!!!
 She called them geek-os!!!!
 More geckos!!!
 We dropped the boys off for another day of golf and we hit up Wailea Mall once again!!!!

 We had lunch at the Grand Wailea and walked around this beautiful resort!!!!
 She was instructing the Dolphins to Jump!!!!
 And we had one of these nearly everyday!!!
While waiting for the boys to call, we popped into Tommy Bahama's for a cold drink!!!I love the umbrella's!!!


just call me jo said...

I've never stayed any place quite that fancy. I got the burger coupons. Thanks so much. I think we're going tomorrow evening when we take the dog to the sitter in Glendale. Your trip looks fabulous.

Julie said...

Looks like you guys had an amazing trip! Makes me want to go back to Hawaii!

Corie said...

LOVE Maui and Hawaii in general. Now that I have knocked off 3 islands....and 1 of them like a bagillion times, I am ready for Kaui, Molakai, and Lanai.:) LOVE Camdyn's outgoing personality and the way she makes new friends daily! She is going to be quite the social butterfly. Also love her drawings in the sand of our family, so cute! Liam was so adorable in all of his swim outfits....and that tilted head/smile. LOVE!!! What a trip! Thanks for all the fun and memories. We had a blast with you and Dad!