Friday, October 28, 2011

MAUI DAY 7--Another Beach Day and a Luau!!!

 Breakfast out at one of the Restaurants in the Hotels on the beach!!!She loved the dolphin!!!

 New friend.....

 Time for our Luau!!!The Grand Wailea has the best Luau!!!

 My Great Nephew Lives on Maui and his Grandma's boyfriend is the middle Musician!!!
 Great food...and I am not kidding!!!
 Time for the Raising of the Pig!!!

 What a SUNSET!!!!

 Doing the HULA!!!
 The show was spectacular!!!

 then we decided to take part.....back in the back of course!!!Like way out in the grass!!!!!

 I wonder if these guys had a few to many Mai Tais????????They were all free!!!!
 Another new friend!!!

So fun!!!!!loved it all!!!

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Deanna said...

Hawaii doesn't get much better than that!
You are so lucky to have gone to Hawaii! Perhaps one day I will HULA on the beach....haha. That would be a sight!

God bless,