Sunday, February 19, 2012

Clearwater Marine Aquarium!!!We met WINTER!!!!

 Started the day out in Celebration, Florida(Disney's real EPCOT) for breakfast!!!If and When we  move to Florida, this is where we will live!!!

 We went to Clearwater's Marine Aquarium to see WINTER!!!The Real star of the movie Dolphin Tale!!

 A lobster trap...
 touching stingrays!!

 She is on her 8th new tail, as she grows she has to get new ones.....She only has to wear the tail for Physical therapy, so most of the time, she is swimming with out it. This is one of her first tails.
 The outside area used in the movie.

 We then went to Clearwater beach!!!

 She was laughing not crying!!
 The water really was not cold...people were actually Swimming in the Gulf that day!!

Dinner was at Kona at the Polynesian Resort!!

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Stella said...

Look like a lovely vacation as all the smiling say. Thanks for sharing with us. It's always nice to get to travel from my chair.