Sunday, February 19, 2012

Magic Kingdom Day 6---Happy 75th Birthday to My MOM!!!

 To celebrate my Mom's birthday we wanted to take her somewhere Special for her Birthday, No where more special then a CASTLE!!!!
 Is it our turn yet???
 I love all the mosaics inside the Castle in Magic Kingdom.

 Happy Birthday MOM!!!
 Miss C with our Royal Invitation!!
 Miss C meeting her favorite Princess!!

 Up to the top of the Castle we go!!!
 It was such a special lunch and we are so Thankful for Stacie getting us this reservation.....this place is always booked!!!So booked, they do not offer an employee discount even.......But that's ok, it is a Once in a lifetime kind of place!!!
 All the little girls got magic wands and wishing stars...
 The boys gets swords.......passing on the sword to this little guy is perfect....another big Disney Fan!!
 Twirling with Snow White!!
 Hugs from Aurora!!!
 A nice chat with Ariel, all about life out of the Sea!!
 And Belle gave her a few French lessons!!!And Mimi too!!Bon Jour.....
 Happy Birthday Gramcycle!!!

 This SMILE makes everything Worth it!!!

 Stacie's favs are the Villains!!!
 her sister made her this necklace!!!EVERYONE at the PARK LOVED IT!!!!!
 Night time fun!!!
Ending the night with a spectacular Fireworks show!!!!!What a Great place to spend your special day!!

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