Sunday, March 4, 2012

Arabian Horse Show and Train Park all in one day!!!

 This little girl was so excited to see the beautiful horses she could hardly stand it!!!
 I finally took her out to where they were practicing!!!She was so happy!!! She had to climb up for a better view!!
 She loved the girls riding the horses best!!
 Time for the competition to start!!!
 I forget the name of this event, but this was  the first event!!
 Even  little dude loved it!!

 So excited for his train ride!!

 After riding so many "big"rides at Disneyworld, she was a little afraid this time, I think she forgot Nothing jumps out at you!!!
 She LOVES the carousel!!!

 This face makes it ALL worth it!!

 What a fun day!!!And we finished it off at Sprinkles Cupcakes!!!

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Rettabug said...

Look how much your grandkidlets have grown, Jamie! Wow! They look really cute in their matching yellow outfits.

My Ms. C ADORES horses & has been begging to take riding lessons. Ugh...they scare me...they're so big & she seems so little.

Loved the train ride photos!