Thursday, March 22, 2012

HAPPY 30th Birthday to Our Daughter!!


 Our dinner celebration!!!

 Then it was OFF to VEGAS!!!A quick stop for a pic with a Joshua Tree Cactus!!Her room-mate a friend she met while Working at Epcot in the Germany Pavillion came along too!!!
 We then stopped at the NEW bridge over Lake Mead!!!if you saw this marvel being built, you know it's Tall!!!I was scared to death to walk across it!!!

 The old Dam/bridge....looks small now!!
 We made it to VEGAS!!!While waiting for  Anja's brother and his friend to fly in we went to take our pic by that famous sign!!!
 We had NO idea it was Nascar week-end!!!!We passed about 100 or more big trucks all lined up while we went to the mall....
 After picking up the guys from the airport, we got stopped for the BIG truck parade......for like an HOUR!!!!Kind of cool but ......we had dinner reservations to get too!!
 Here!!We ate here when we were in Munich!!!
 It felt like Octoberfest inside!!


JENNIFER said...

Happy Belated Birthday Stacie!!! what a wonderful celebration...

Deanna said...

HaPpY Birthday to your sweet daughter! Isn't thirty a great age to be? Yes, I remember the day....haha....that's a miracle I can remember at all.
God bless her,