Friday, April 13, 2012

Being Sisters is Something Special!!!

 My sister Carolyn arrived in town first, the rest of the family would arrive soon for the BIG DAY!!!!My sister had never been to a Tiffany's Store before, so we headed to Scottsdale Fashion Square to do some retail Therapy!!!!No word on a little blue box purchase!!!
 When my other sister arrived, I wanted to do something we have NOT done in a very LONG 3 girls out to lunch!!!Here is my little sister Carolyn, she is so beautiful and she was so eager to POSE for pics for me!!The place I chose to take them to lunch was found while I sat in bumper to bumper traffic about a month or so ago....I don't work and rarely have to travel in heavy traffic, but finding this gem was worth that time in traffic!!!!

 The Barn was amazing...they use it mostly for weddings and or banquets.....but we just had to look around!!
 The House with the garden!!!We ate out back near the Beautiful Large garden!!!

 The 3 sisters!!!Carolyn, me and my older sister Reda!!!

We also had a Sister in the Lord come along!!She counts as a sister too!!Reda and Debbie are near the same age and were in the youth group and young marrieds at the church we grew up in. We go to church now with Debbie and her husband Chuck and they have become good friends of ours over the past few years.Her hubby Chuck and my hubby Chuck both work for the same company. Sisters no matter how you are related are just the best!!!


JENNIFER said...

You all look like you had the best time! :o) Have a nice weekend! Hugs Jennifer

Buttercup said...

What beautiful pictures and what a fun day!

Deanna said...

You girls are way cute!!!
Great times as sisters is a treat.