Saturday, April 14, 2012

for the LOVE of Family, a day out sightseeing!!

 We got up early on Friday and headed out to drive the Apache trail, well we went as far as tortilla flats anyways and had breakfast!!!Had to stop for pics first though!!

 My favorite part of the entire place is the ladies room....well the restaurant is covered in Money, so maybe the entire place is my fav, but I love this bathroom!!!The girls all got quite a chuckle out of the stalls!!!
 Mom and daughter, so pretty and the day could not have been more beautiful!!
 Next stop Canyon Lake.....thanks guys for taking this pic, that water Was COLD!!!I felt it!!!

 Mom with her daughters!!
 hubby needs some photography lessons....Zoom babe Zoom!!!
 Canyon Lake ...known for it's Canyon Walls!!!
 Next stop the old Goldfield mine town...once a booming town, now a tourist attraction!!

 I like this old truck!!
 time to PAN for some Real Gold!!!
 That was fun!!!
 caught Dave coming out of the outhouse!!!!lol
 guilty!!!!not really...
 Cactus Cutie!!
You didn't!!!we almost did!!!But some of us had to get going....nail appointments, Hair appointments....rehersal dinner tonight......What fun!!!!


The Martin Family said...

So much fun! Loved all the family tme! Next time lets no wait four years!


Deanna said...

Jamie, Glad to stop by your place today to visit with you! You do the neatest things!
Sight seeing with family and all the neat places you go is fun to see,