Monday, May 14, 2012

Abbey Road!!!!

Our Hotel was in Westminster, one of the borough's of London; and just a short walk to Abbey Road studios, bad thing is I forgot my umbrella and it started pouring on us with in a few minutes!!!By the time we got back I was soaked!!!But Who cares...I was walking to Abbey Road Studios!!!
You can not tour Abbey Road studios as it is Still an active studio!!!
Ok, how many Beatle Fans are there out there????I know I am!!!

Here I am imitating that famous Record Sleeve, Brianna pictured above!!
Great Job Jordan, being so Young, yet he knew so much about this famous Album!!!He even braved the freezing cold weather and the rain and took his shoes off, just like Paul McCartney did for the album picture!!

That Famous Record Album picture....the Beatle Car in the pic was not staged or planned, just happened that way...goes to show how many Beatle bug cars were around!!!The License plate number is or was one of the most requested plates ever....the Man in the pic had no idea he was on the album cover til Years later....Jordan was telling me there is some urban myths to the cover as well, the White Suit, the Black suit, the bare feet and the one dressed casually in jeans.....I will leave that mystery to my blogger friends to find this out!!

The Wall of Fame at our Hotel, just pics of famous people who have stayed here!!!
                 After braving those cold temps and all that rain, we hit the Starbucks right next to our Hotel for some HOT Coffee drinks!!!And to use our phones....internet is Free at Starbucks...25.00 pounds per day at the Hotel...that means $45.00 American Dollars!!                                                                                                                                                        


Sandy said...

WOW! Abbey Road....I do faintly remember a group by that

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Wow Jamie girl!
This is so cool, what a trip you had!
I feel bad I haven't been able to see all the posts but I am going to go back when I can and check them out.
And of course you manage to look very cute and chic in your raincoat in the rain!
Big Hugs friend,

Liz said...

Hi Jamie!
SOOOOOO loving your pictures. I loved London so much. I want to go back! :P

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! :)


Martha said...

Loved all of your posts on England -- we were there last spring and went to many of the same places (although we lived in the Cotswolds for most of the time) -- thanks for bringing back some good memories!

Stella said...

It all sounds so wonderful. Keep sharing. Thanks for dropping by with your prayers and well wishes.