Monday, May 14, 2012

The Tower of London...and the Crown Jewels!!!

The Tower of London or Her Majesty's Royal Palace and fortress is a historic Castle on the banks of the River Thames.It is founded towards the end of the 1066 Norman Conquest of England.The tower has played a prominent role in English History.

One of the Yeomen Yarders or  Beef Eaters as they are popularly known giving our tour....
Traitor's Gate(below) the time prisoner's could escape out this water ditch and get away.
The White Tower pictured here....
The Bloody Tower's purpose was primarily for defense, it also was used as an infamous Prison, Sir Walter Raleigh was imprisoned here,  but was not killed here.
The Tower Bridge in the background..
The Queen's House is now the Home of the Resident Governor of the Tower of London.There is also a member of the Queen's Guard out side the Tudor style building, pictured here and below that.
The Ravens in the Tower of London has an important part to play in its history. The legend of the Ravens are so important to the people of England that a number of them are still kept there. Legend has it that failing to keep Ravens at the Tower will mean the Great White Tower will crumble and a terrible disaster shall fall on England.They clip their wings so they are not able to fly  very high.

The Tower where the Crown Jewels are all kept!!!

Another Guard.....there was some tourists trying to get this guy to smile.....nope never happened...

I could NOT take pics inside fact when you enter this building, you wind around and around so much I think to confuse any potential intruders........

Awwww......the Changing of the Guard!!Smaller but none the less so wonderful!!!

 The Sceptre with the Cross, the Sovereign's Sceptre or the Royal Sceptre contains the British Crown Jewels, it was made originally for King Charles II in 1661. In 1905 it was redesigned after the discovery of the Cullinan I or the Great Star of Africa, which weighs over 530 carats. The Cullinan I can be removed from the Sceptre to be worn as a brooch. The Cullinan Diamond was the largest diamond in the world at over 3,000 carats, it was cut into 9 different pieces and Cullinan I was the largest among them.
 Queen Elizabeth pictured here at her Coronation back in 1952.
 The Imperial State Crown....Inside this large building were many Many MANY Crowns and many Many MANY Jewels!!!It was Stunning to say the Least!!!
 Hail to the Queen!!!Long may she Reign!! The Queen also wears this Crown when she Opens Parliament each year.

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