Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Louvre.....

Since we bought the Paris Museum Pass, it afforded us the privilege of front of the line entrance to almost everywhere we went...well worth the cost of the pass. Especially since today was not a rain drizzle day, but a down right Rain day!!!!
Donna went up and asked where we go to enter!!!
Yeah for that front of the line pass!!!Out of the cold rain and into the Louvre we go!!!
The Louvre was once the Royal Family's Paris home, so this Museum is HUGE!!!It is probably a 1/2 mile long and it is in a U shape, so the square footage of this building is alot!!!They say if you stopped and looked at each piece of Art on display it would take a year!!
The building is beautiful.....how many of you saw the Tom Hanks movie "The Da Vinci Code"??I have and I am going to get it to watch again.
This is the Arc du Carrousel built to celebrate the victories of Naploeon Bonaparte in 1805. It stands at the end of the Louvre...or the entrance.....there are so many ways to enter this huge compound!!
One of the more popular statues is this one....the Winged Victory of Samotrace.....dates back to 190 BC.
This one is also  wildly popular...it is The Venus De Milo....discovered in 1820 by a peasant on the island of Milo in the Cyclades. It dates back to late 2nd century BC.

And then there is THIS Painting.....the LONGEST lines of all were waiting to get a glimpse of this smiling young girl.... nothing else needs to be said..it is the MONA LISA!!!

The Leonardo da Vinci Masterpiece.I felt so privileged to be standing in the presence of this piece of art  known all over the world and is probably the most recognizable piece of art..
According to Vasari, she was a young Florentine girl, it is believed to have been painted in 1503.
We also took a tour of the King's apartment at the Louvre......I thought Versaille was spectacular, but these rooms were Amazing!!

This Chandelier is the GRAND DADDY of All Chandeliers...

Stunning is all I can say!!


Buttercup said...

One of my favorite places. Thanks for taking me along.

JENNIFER said...

Oh Jamie!!!! If I could wear one of the crowns for one moment and have seen the mona lisa...I would ask for nothing else in life...to be so close to chandeliers and beauty fit for a queen must have made you melt....hugs Jennifer