Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Royal Mews

The Royal Mews is where the Transportation of the Royal Family is conducted. You will see Cleveland Bays and Windsor Greys. I do not know if this brown one is one of these types?????Most of the Horses were Not at the Mews this day, they were up at Windsor Castle preparing for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee coming soon.
The word Mews means: a group of stables, typically with Rooms above, built around a yard or alleyway.The Royal Mews provides living arrangements for the people who are in charge of the horses and cars well being.
One of the Royal Carriages....The State Coach

another coach...

One of the Queen's prized cars....
Love this classic Rolls Royce, she also uses Bentley, Prince William arrived at his wedding in a Bentley, while the bride arrived in one of the older Rolls, After the ceremony remember when William and Kate left the palace for the short drive to Clarence house in his Dad's convertible Aston Martin...
This coach was a gift to the Queen from Australia, it read that this coach is the smoothest riding of all the coaches.

Oh darn...this is the one I really wanted to see.....
The Stables were immaculate, no smell of any kind, maybe the smell of hay....I did notice gold or plated gold all over...The pic below is the GOLD STATE COACH, used for Coronations and the last time was for the Queen's Golden Jubilee back in 2002, I am sure it will be used for her Diamond Jubilee.


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So wish I could have done this sight seeing in person. Thanks for taking me along and thanks for all of your prayers. Have a blessed Mother's Day.

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