Saturday, May 12, 2012

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is far more then just an Abbey, many many famous Royals and Non royals are buried here....Sir Isaac Newton,Charles Dickens,Charles Darwin, Robert Browning, Rudyard Kipling, Sir Laurence Olivier just to name a few and Many many members of the Royal Family.It is hard to walk around inside with out stepping on someone's grave... No pics were allowed to be taken inside the Abbey.

Jordan and Brianna outside the Abbey.
Brianna and I ...outside....I did sneak ONE pic inside....the famous alter
 Kate Middleton walking up that LONG Aisle.......I loved how they brought in all those trees...and I love it all lit up and bright....
 The alter niece commented that the day of the wedding the Abbey looked so much more Polished....I think those Bright lights made it glisten more then it appeared to us....and I am sure for this occasion, they did alot of Polishing!!

I snapped this as we exited the West Doors, which is the Front Main Entrance, for the tour you enter the North door(yes, you pay 16.00 Pounds to tour), the exchange rate was bad.....I paid for example 1.00 American dollar and got .60 pence so it is very costly to visit London!!!BUT the experience of it all was Priceless!!!!

The Abbey is Beautiful to say the least...

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