Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Touring Paris.....

 The gold flame....the Princess Diana Memorial right above  the entrance to the tunnel where her accident occurred. We made a trip down to the Memorial ...pics from that posted soon...
This is the Dome des Invalides....erected between 1679 and 1706, it is considered one of the architect's Masterpieces. The remains of Napoleon Bonaparte is in a crypt in the dome.
This building is the Hotel Les Invalides. This compound of buildings includes the hotel des Invalides, the dome and the church of St. Louis. Originally it was built to house old and invalid soldiers. In front of the building is a line of bronze cannons from the 17th and 18th centuries. Also two German tanks captured in 1944.

The Musee d Orsay is MY favorite Art Museum between it and the Louvre. I am more of an art lover of Impressionism then that of  the older pieces of art. I really enjoyed my visit and I went alone so I could really take my time looking at art that I enjoyed.

No pictures were allowed beyond this point...so weird ...you are allowed to take all the pics you want(flash off) in the Louvre....this building is defined by the press as "the most beautiful museum in Europe". Originally this was a train station built in 1898. At the time it contained an elegant hotel as well as a restaurants and 16 platforms for train service. I did take this picture inside looking out and I love the 2 Large window clocks...

This painting below is arguable the most famous painting of artist Pierre Auguste Renoir, it is titled "Bal du Moulin de la Galette"

This one by Claude Monet is called "Femmes au jardin"
Paul Cezanne painted this one titled "le Christ aux Limbes"      
The one below is by Vincent Van Gogh and is titled" La Nuit Etoilee"

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Blondie's Journal said...

So...you are an art lover! I tend to lean toward the Impressionists, too. It would have been great to tour the museum with you!

I didn't know about the golden flame but it is a nice tribute to Princess Diana. I really adored her.