Sunday, May 13, 2012

What a Great Mother's Day 2012

 After a Great Mother's Day sermon at Church, delivered by a Female minister visiting our church with her Minister Husband from Ukraine, she had 3 points in her sermon, 1. family--all lower case letters, little importance put on family. 2. Family--Some importance put on family. 3. FAMILY--Lots or All your importance put on family.....After her father was put in prison while she was a child, and her Mother abandoning her for a new husband, all this woman wanted was a Real Family of her own, and every word that came out of her English( pretty good) speaking mouth was the Importance of  family.....
With that said, I agreed 100% with her. After church we went to lunch at Postino's.....
 Father/Son....nothing like it!!
 Mother and daughter.....greatest female relationship ever!!!Well sisters rank up there pretty high too...
 Mommy and her darlings!!
 Mimi and her Grand Darlings!!

 I LOVE THIS FAMILY!!!We missed Stacie so much...
 I love Olives!!
 This was so good!!
 As was this!!!
 Mom and her kiddos...again I sure Miss My Stacie!!
 Then we went to the mall and  the kiddos played in the splash pad, it was HOT today!!
hope all of you had a Great day too!!

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