Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kensington Palace....

The Gate at Kensington you remember How many bouquets of flowers were placed by this gate following the death of Princess Diana???
The Gate with the Palace in the background...
A statue of Queen Victoria welcomes you as you enter the Palace..
I noticed these signs to the bathing room and I loved them!!!Everyone who enters here is Royal!!!
This way to the room honoring Princess Diana, probably the Most famous resident of Kensington Palace..
 I loved the wallpaper that  matched some of her iconic photographs!!

Brianna looking at her dresses...
Sorry these are blurry....

Brianna looking over some of the photos of Diana with her Sons at home in Kensington Palace.

Ok, I have to TALK about This Dress!!!Diana wore this dress on her first official outing after becoming  engaged in 1981 to the Prince of Wales. She wore it to a benefit event  for the Royal Opera house. Designer Elizabeth Emanuel did not consider the low cut neckline and the fact Diana would have to bend over to exit the car.She just thought how fabulous she looked wearing this dress. This dress immediately established Lady Diana Spencer as the most Glamorous member of the Royal Family.
This fuchsia and purple silk chiffon dress designed by Catherine Walker was worn by Diana in 1988 during a Royal tour in Thailand.
I loved all the little cut outs to keep you out of certain areas!!I also loved this gold ornate Chair!!

Loved this old Dress, worn by Queen Victoria

I noticed this old wig worn by English Men.....

I liked that they actually gave you somewhere to sit for a while and take this all in.....I did hear these Walls talk!!!!
As you exit, this wall with the glass obscured caught my eye...... perhaps the current famous residents need their Privacy!!!

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