Monday, May 14, 2012

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is really more of a complete compound!!!As seen from the Aeriel pic above....

Although you can not see it the Royal Standard is flying here!!!The Queen is here!!!!Darn those Rain Clouds!!And that rain!!
Maybe a little clearer???

Windsor Castle garden in the old Moat...

I asked someone to take my pic, he took two actually and of all things he gets a pic of me with a barricade???? Hello, there is a Castle in the background!!!!I realize I am standing next to a barricade...but really, ask me to MOVE!!!!
Hiking to the entrance of the castle for my Tour!!!And it is Raining!!In this pic, is the Elizabethan Gate...or Arch..
I loved all the gold crowns on the lamp posts!
I see a Car!!!!
I believe this is the area of the Castle where the Queen actually resides, she uses about 18 rooms for her personal use, the State Apartments or rooms are used for public and Royal events. I want to post some pics from inside the Castle, but I will edit this post and add those at a later time. It is amazing the job they did restoring this Castle after that major fire back in 1992, it took them 10 years to restore it back to it's glorious past.
The Toy Soldiers guard her here too!!
It was rainy and so Cold, my camera kept fogging up...I would go inside a gift shop to warm me and the camera up!!
I also believe these rooms are used for family members in the Royal Family.....the gate said Private, no entrance!!

St. George's Chapel

The Queen's Mother,Father and Sister are all buried inside this chapel...this is also where Prince Charles and Camilla held their wedding ceremony after the civil ceremony back in August of 2005.

More of the Queen's Guards...When I asked to get my pic by him, he grunted....I saw others doing this so I thought, why not!!!

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