Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Park City puts the Ah in UTAH!!!!!

 Our Hotel was In Park City..it is only 25 miles from dowtown Salt Lake, but it is higher in elevation and cooler!!the Mountains in Park City are Ahhhhh amazing!!
 There is so many fun things to do in Park City.....there is Ziplines, Alpine Slides and Coasters!!!
 The Alpine slide is similar to a sitting up luge ride.....it is fast and the sled CAN tip over.......
 The Alpine Coaster can Not tip over and it is VERY FAST!!!!I think I had the brake pulled back the entire ride down......

 Then we headed over to the Olympic Park.....this is where the bobsled events and the ski jump events were held.
 You can walk around the bobsled track....you can also Pay to ride in a bobsled.....but we passed on this event..that waiver you must sign looked like it could be an intense ride....so we said Nope!!

 This is where future Olympians can go to Practice during the summer.....
 they land those jumps in a Giant pool!!!


Wow, this guy is High Up!!!
We went to a really good Mexican Food Restaurant called the Loco Lizard....and then over to the Outlet Mall....we both really liked Park City and thought we will be coming back here one day!!!

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