Saturday, July 28, 2012

Let the Games begin!! Summer Olympics London 2012

 I Love the Olympic Logo.....It is made to look like the New Orbit Tower...I saw it while in London in April...of Course it was not finished, I saw it while en route  to Windsor Castle, at the time the tour guide knew nothing about it...he assumed it would be the Olympic Cauldron.
 Duchess Kate at a Pre-Olympic Party at Buckingham Palace. Her Ice Blue Coat dress by British Designer Christopher Kane was classy.I think she preferred the athletes get all the attention tonight.
 Prince William and Kate,they look like they are enjoying themselves!!!!Well, maybe this pic was snapped during a serious part of the ceremony.
 This is better!!

 The Queen came in as a BOND GIRL!!I loved that part. She is a real trooper to participate in such a way. She also gave the speech to Let the Games Begin.I loved her fascinator instead of a hat!!
I hosted an Olympic Party and dinner for the family!!!Miss C helped me decorate yesterday.She was so excited to actually Get to "play" with my doll collection!!Play is the wrong word, she got to help me get them out of the curio cabinet and carry them to the kitchen and set them up!!
Team Netherlands, Israel, USA and France...
Team England....
Team Japan, Russia, Germany and Mexico...I have over 25 of these dolls...they are the International Doll collection by Effanbee. I started buying them when my daughters were young.
The Olympic rings!!!Donuts!!!
Dinner plates also in the Olympic rings colors!!
Red White and Blue dessert!!
Red and White appetizers
And I made a home made Shepherd's Pie for dinner!!!Since the host Country was England, I decided to make something British for dinner. Everyone loved it!!!
These two cuties had fun watching the ceremony!!!Mr. L in his American Flag t-shirt, and Miss C in her Great Britain T-shirt, I bought her this in London at GAP!!!
I see my favorite poster on tv!!!Keep CALM and carry on!!

The lighting of the Olympic Cauldron was Amazing, All the Countries participating had a large gold leaf brought in with them.It then was attached to something that became the Olympic flame. There was over 200 of these leaves. Seven young aspiring athletes lit these leaves that became the Olympic Flame. I still think my favorite lighting was the Flame shot by an Arrow in 1992 in Barcelona, Spain.


Giancarlo said...

felice fine settimana...ciao

Mevely317 said...

Oh, wasn't it AMAZING!?! Love your party theme with the "rings" and dolls on display. (Girl, WHEN do you sleep??? lol.)
Love the Shepherd's Pie... but DH refuses to eat peas, anywhere, any way. Now, you've got me thinking of an acceptable substitute.
Have a great weekend!!!

It's me said...

Beautiful post !!!...darling we live in Holland not in Germany.....haahahha! ...nice you told me from your daughter......if she is in Holland she is more than welcome ....

tracegrace said...

Wonderful post my friend!!! Love the pics of the Quenn...I do have a soft spot for her!
I love love your dolls...good for you for keeping them!
I used to make those dolls many years ago, I had about 50 of them...but gave them all away when my first two children were boys. Then along came my unexpected daughter (my blessing)
I have regretted the give away ever since!
Making wonderful memories with your babes!!!
I love the picture of them smooching!

Pamela said...

What an awesome idea. You do the coolest things. I loved seeing your dolls and food. That Shepherd's Pie looks delicious. I love the Olympics and the feelings of patriotism it invokes in me.

hi-d said...

Looks like you went all out. How fun!!! Hope you're enjoying the games,,,I love the swimming, diving, gymnastics...

Red Rose Alley said...

I love your doll collection. Do you have a Greek doll, as I am part Greek? My husband watched the Olympics yesterday. He was an athlete growing up, so he enjoyed it very much. The donuts look yummy. I heard Shepherd's Pie was good, but have never tried it. What a fun day for everyone!
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Blond Duck said...

I heard about the Queen--hilarious!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Gah donuts! How clever. :)

I am having a gathering on Aug. 11th. If you are available please email me your address so that I can mail you an invite.