Friday, July 27, 2012

Orange You Having fun????

 I bought this shirt for my hubby for our Fall Cruise,however when I found this dress at Banana Republic, I knew it would be perfect with his shirt and that wonderful necklace my 2nd daughter bought me for Mother's Day...she got it at Anthropologie...I for some reason love couples that match, I have been doing this since my kids were little.For holidays our outfits always were color coordinated. I know alot of people think only "old people" do this, well I was Not old when I started doing that. As a photographer, I get asked alot what they should wear, I always say stick with one or two coordinating colors max.
When we reached dinner, one of my hubby's friends...that would be him on the left told my hubby he looked like Howdy Doody...well my hubby goes by grand-dude....but I do not think he looks like Howdy Doody!!!The shirt is not even the same color....unless I am wrong and Howdy occasionally wore an orange gingham polo shirt!!!All in GOOD fun!!!!I just got the Best laugh of the night when my hubby told me I thought to myself..that will make a funny blog post!!!
Dinner was here, this place is divine to say the least!!!It is called Cucina Rustica and the food has a very Mediterranean flair. I loved the OLIVES for my appetizer!!!
A group of Great guys!!
I had to take a pic of another Matching couple!!!They thought we looked great and I made sure to tell them HOW Awesome they looked!!
And then there is this cute couple!!!
And this Great Couple???We have known them since they were in HIGH SCHOOL!!!He started working at my hubby's store when he was YOUNG!!!Now 20 years they are like kids to us!!!
And this Beautiful lady thought our outfits were FINE!!!I love her!!!She is so kind and so sweet and not saying this because she liked our matchy matchy outfits!!
This cutie even matched us....they went to PAGO'S Restaurant  while we were at our dinner...funny thing...some friends of ours from High School OWN Pago' daughter did not even know this!!!
BY the way...just a little shout out for my daughter....she Makes these adorable necklaces for little girls and or BIG girls!!her friend makes the head bands!!!
Have fun she said!!!And she blew me a kiss!!.........This was Breakfast Sunday did it end up on this post???????Sad to see our friends all have to go back home...we stayed 2 more nights!!!!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

MIMI!!!!!!!! OK, I love your orange dress, and to be accessorized by something form Anthopologie TOPS IT OFF! Isn't it fun to enjoy other couples, other friends with a story?

Thank you sweet JAMIE, for visiting me. I hope the rest of your summer is one of great joy! STAY COOL! Anita

Liz said...

I personally love matching...Hubs hates it... He'll go change his outfit if it happens on accident... :)

I wear a lot of orange. It is a great color for us. (you and me) I have a dress almost identical to that one that you are wearing. So needless to say I think it is gorgeous! :)

It's me said...

Like the dress darling and your husband shirt too...what a lovely couple you are !! happy weekend from