Saturday, August 4, 2012

Doing Ordinary things but enjoying every second!!!

 Last Sunday we got rain for over four straight hours, a nice drizzly kind of rain interrupted periodically by a quick downpour....then more sprinkles. My hubby got home from a golf game and decided to jump in the pool...our outside thermometer said it was 78 degrees.....cooler here then my sister's house in Chicago!! I call this quite out of the ordinary considering it was late July!!
 Watching little Miss at her Club Cheerleading this...her Mommy was a cheerleader and to watch these little girls develop these skills over a period of months is quite amazing!!
 Our little one is a Base!!!just like Mommy!!I think her coach knows she is going to be one tall girl....those girls that Fly....are all usually quite small....
 On Tuesday (my favorite day of the week) Hubby is most often off, so we went out for breakfast with the kiddos, Village Inn pancakes are just the best!!
 Mimi and Miss C in our Eiffel Tower tops!!! This little girl loves anything to do with Paris...I hope I can wait 10 years to take her.
 And little dude's Monaco shirt finally fits him!!!We bought him this shirt last year while we were in Monaco.
 Grand-dude had to go have a Chest X-ray and as we pulled into the Dr.'s office, we saw this Large truck on fire...the fire truck had just pulled up...
 The firemen got suited up and got that hose out fast.......soon that black smoke was turning gray.
 Then it was off to Tap-Jazz-tumble class.....this little girl loves to dance!!
 On Thursday, I went for more photography classes......this one lasted 6 hours...I was brain dead by lunch time!!!!!
 That afternoon it was Ballet class....I love the wall mural!! My 2009 scrapbook theme was Sparkle and Shine in 2009!!
So even though it has been a crazy week...there was just alot of ordinary things I got to share in!!!I live for Moments like this!!!


Keetha Broyles said...

Our little girl was a cheerleader for her HS - - - she was the flyer.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Sometimes or should I say most of the time, the ordinary moments are the best!
Cute pics of little Miss C and her little bro!
My daughter Katie was a cheerleader and she was a flyer.
It used to make my stomach sick sometimes when they were throwing her into the air.
We went from hot to cool in one day and now we have some much needed rain.
Hugs friend,

Mevely317 said...

"Ordinary" days are precious!
I think it's great that Miss C is being exposed to so many interests and activities!

Corie said...

Ordinary things are sometimes my most favorite. Dance, cheer, going out to breakfast with the kiddos. Love it all.

My heart skips a beat watching my darling lil cheer and dance her heart out. She truly loves it all and that's what matters most!! Once she gets a tad bigger, horseback riding may be added to her activity list;)

Giancarlo said...

Da domani mi tufferò anche io nelle acque del lago!! buona domenica...ciao