Sunday, August 5, 2012

Team USA makes this family PROUD!!!

 Michael Phelps makes Olympic History with his 22 Olympic Medals....he is The Most decorated Athlete of ALL time.....And I say CONGRATS to him!!!!I tried doing the backstroke in the pool today... my family laughed!!
 Michael and his teammate Ryan Lochte are friends but competitors sometimes!!I loved watching the relay team Win Gold!!
 So happy for Ryan who won GOLD in the Individual 400 meter  medley.....50 meters is long....cannot imagine swimming as fast as you can  for that length!!!
 And Missy Franklin winning three gold medals and four medals over all. Missy is young only 17 years old, can you even imagine the sacrifice these athletes make to compete???/
 And Gabrielle Douglas---rearrange her last name and you get USA-GOLD.....oh Yeah this little darling Won GOLD and Gave all the GLORY to GOD!!!!She will be Blessed beyond imagination for doing this.Her humble spirit and her winning SMILE had me from get go!!
And I cannot help adding a bit of Royal Family News!!!The Queen's grand daughter Zara Phillips (Princess Anne's daughter) won Silver along with her teammates in the Equestrian events.

 And her Royal cousins came out to Cheer her on!!!
 I loved seeing Kate re-cycle some of her outfits...this Stella Mccartney dress she wore before the Olympic games began. I like to think she did this on purpose so she would not steal limelight from the athletes. This was at one of the tennis matches.
 Here is Prince William, Duchess Kate and Prince harry so excited at a cycling event. I love their enthusiasm for  Team Great Britain.And after a Big hug for Kate!!!
 Prince Harry meeting some of team Great Britain.
 And Kate having a giggle with some of Team Great Britain.
And did anyone else see this on the nightly news???OUR BLUE MOON(Two full Moons in the same month) making a sixth Ring in the Olympic Rings hanging from Tower Bridge in London???


nancygrayce said...

I am loving the Olympics! I was so proud that Gabby gave all the glory to God! What a great group of kids and what athletes!

And if the backstroke is funny, did you try to butterfly??? I was on our local swim team for one summer and I'm telling you, it was evident from the get go that I was no competitor! That stuff is hard work and endurance!

I did not see that blue moon in the Olympic rings but it's so great!

koralee said...

Oh my...that moon photo is lovely with the rings.
Team USA is doing so many talents.
Oh and I do love the royals...they are so fun to watch.
Have a great week.

Blond Duck said...

Did you see Michael Phelps' Mom? She was so happy!