Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mickey Mouse Muffin Pizza's!!

 Table is set and Captain Mickey is our guest for lunch.
 The ingrediants for our pizza making!!
 After playing outside with the garden hose...the garden hose water is nice, the pool water is now a bit to chilly.Miss C put on her favorite Disney shirt..which is MY Disney shirt to help prepare lunch!

 We made Mickey Mouse pizza's!!!You take English Muffins, spoon on some pizza sauce, sprinkle on some mozzarella cheese and top with Black olives!!
 I baked on 350 for about 10 minutes and then put them under the broiler for just a couple minutes.
 I pulled out my Disneyworld glasses, McDonald's was selling these or giving them away about 10-15 years ago!!!Miss C chose Animal Kingdom Mickey, and I chose Magic Kingdom Mickey!!Aunt Stacie was sad none of us chose Hollywood Studios Mickey!!We are planning another Mickey theme dinner very all of them will be used!!
 The kids loved them!!
 Plastic cup for the kid who accidently always tosses stuff!!
 This is how the Boys fell asleep one night!!
 I enjoyed having my coffee each morning sitting at the kids table in the play room!!My View was the best!!And listening to little guy saying ALL Aboard and Choo Choo!!!

 so much fun!!
Mommy and Daddy were both so excited to get home to their babies!!!Mimi and dude-dude rested!!!


nancygrayce said...

What fun! And how tiring....I'll bet you two are resting a lot! I love the toys, train and swing set...those are great! Great pizza idea!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh looks so yummy and such fun!

I will soon be taking Sweet Boy to Disneyland and CA. Adventures to celebrate his bday.

Can you email me all your tips and suggestions?

THank you!

It's me said...

What a sweet and funny post...lovely weekend

Anne said...

Awww! Those are all so sweet! Cracked me up about Little Dude saying all the words he knows when he scared, bless his heart!!
Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog, Dear...the first two little art cards sold the other night, but I still have one on eBay...and painting more!

hi-d said...

Those little pizzas look easy and yummy. I may have to try that. And that train is GREAT!!!