Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hold out your hands to feel the luxury of the sunbeams........

Daddy and Mommy flew off for a three day Work reward trip so we Had the Wonderful pleasure of spending time with the GRANDS!!After dropping them off at the airport the Grands and I met up with my Sister and our Son and daughter in love for breakfast. I had heard of a new place in downtown Scottsdale I had been wanting to check out so that is where we went. Dottie's True Blue Cafe is  cute and the food is really good. Little Princess loved all the different Salt and Pepper shakers. Cowboy boots and spurs were the two on our tables.
Little dude found some cute little chicks to shake on his food!!
The "specials" board!!
It won't be long and we can Sit alfresco!!!
Son and daughter in love were then off to shop for furniture.....a New House...........
My sister and I then headed to Scottsdale's McCormick Stillman Railroad Park where we knew the kiddos would go nuts!!!
This little guy LOVES TRAINS....his little command "ALL ABOARD" is the cutest thing ever!!!He just walked and ran and just was taking all of it in!!

Train Ride time!!!He enjoyed waving at all the people he saw!!
Aunt Reda enjoyed her ride and the warm weather.....we definitely enjoyed the Sunbeams!!!
Little guy was checking out his sister having fun in the tunnel!!
And she was making sure Aunt Reda was enjoying the tunnel!!
Carousel time!!I have several pics of Miss C tiptoeing to get a better look at the Carousel when she was young, so this made my day!!!
She was in heaven!!
And after a short ride..little dude wanted down....
oh no....time to say bye
what a fun day!!!!


nancygrayce said...

Oh, my goodness! They are growing up so fast and are absolutely adorable!!! I love her beads, she's my kind of girl!!!

Mevely317 said...

What a glorious day!
Dottie's looks like a winner!

JENNIFER said...

Hi Jamie! It's funny to see that miss C now has someone else to ride the train with...I remember just yesterday when you showed us pictures of her riding the train and how much she loved she has a little brother to ride with :o) Wow, time sure does fly. Have a nice fall weekend! Hugs Jennifer

Blond Duck said...

That title is just magical. I love a day in the sun!