Saturday, September 22, 2012

Oh Autumn, how I have missed you..Cool Nights and Sunny days!!

 Today is the first day of Autumn....and can you believe it was HOT..real Hot here today...near 106 degrees!!!MY sister is back in Warm Arizona, her good friend is recovering from her liver transplant and my Sister came out here from Chicago to help take care of her and just ....well just be her friend!!!I hope to go have lunch with Debbie this coming week....she is my friend also...but my sister and Debbie are Best friends...and that is what Best friends do for each other. I was happy that my sis could join us for lunch yesterday!!I thought perhaps if I dress up for fall it might make the weather such luck!!!
 I had little dude while Mommy ran a quick business errand yesterday. He loves to play with all of his trucks and cars...All Boy!!
 I picked up Sweet little Princess from Pre-school and we met up with Aunt Reda and Mommy at Garcia's Mexican Food. My Sister loves Mexican Cuisine so Garcia's is close and it was very good. I think Miss C in her Favorite dress at this time looks so the color purple and Aunt Reda told her Purple is her favorite color!!!
Mommy isn't biting him...I promise!!!!
HAPPY FALL everyone!!!
"NO Spring nor Summer beauty hath such grace, As I have seen in one autumnal face"


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Jamie,
Can I first say that I love your pink with that scarf! Really I am going to be looking for that combo, so pretty!
It's nice your sister could get out to visit too.
And the kiddies are always so cute! That little guy looks to be quite the little blondie and I love Miss C's purple dress!
We have been really cool here (too cool for Sept.)
But it's supposed to warm back up into the 70's for next week which will be about perfect.
See ya soon,
(who is up because her hubby is snoring really loud)

It's me said...

So sweet !!...lovely first autumn sunday...enjoy

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Your grand daughter looks JUST LIKE YOU! Oh, what a beautiful family you have!

I know that many of you dears live in places where it is STILL SO HOT! Ohhhhh...I am so glad we get the season changes because fall is that season that makes you feel like a kid again....running through the leaves, coming inside to get a hot cup of joy (tea, coffee, cocoa) and then hunkering down !!! I wish you a happy season my friend as we get ourselves ushered into another magical time of living.


Anonymous said...

This is precious, Mimi...sisters, friends, and cuties. Love that last pic. It reminded me of when I used to do that with mine when they were that age. Too cute.
Thank you for your comment about Glitter and a Movie. ;) Don't worry one bit about the button, it is optional. I want to have as little rules as possible. Don't even worry about the linky because if you leave me a comment when you participate, I'll just add you.
F R E E D O M and S I M P L I C I T Y ... favorite words. ;)

Happy autumn to you too, love. It is my favorite season of all. We don't get too much of it here in South Florida, but I've sure enjoyed many in Vermont.

Mevely317 said...

Great glimpses, Jamie! ... I never noticed your granddaughter's dimples before!!!

Thanks for your sweet comments! That luncheon spot?-- The House at Secret Garden on Baseline. Perhaps we can meet up there some day?

Hope you're enjoying a great day!

Corie said...

Lol, I don't even remember the last photo!.) love my kiddos, so cute

Barbara said...

Wish we had a sign of autumn here in South Florida, Mimi. We have a ways to go yet, I'm afraid.
Cute photos of your dear ones!
And I loved the Kate and William post. Watching Kate in her different outfits is such fun. (Wonder if she is pregnant? Maybe she is just careful about alcohol intake.)

Blondie's Journal said...

How nice that you can spend some time with your sister! I love coming to your blog and seeing family pictures. You look fantastic in that colorful scarf!

We are having wonderful temps in the 60's. Hubby turned the heat on this morning and I had to sneak and turn it off!! I hope you get a little reprieve from the heat soon!


Pamela said...

"Be her friend" Isn't that just a blessed thing--just being someone's friend or them being ours.

We're having cool fall days and nights. I love fall! Adorable grands--love watching them grow through your blog.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I too am SO ready for cooler weather.

Darling kiddos! :)

Anne said...

Happy Fall to you, Dear! Beautiful photos and family ~ sending cooler thoughts your way!

hi-d said...

Hi Jamie,

That is CRAZY weather, you are having! Yikes...waaaaay too hot for me. I hope it starts to cool off for you soon. We are in the 70's here this week. Nice enough that it's not too cold and not too hot.

So, the story on the rubber chicken...READY? was a gift from my mother in law....she gave it to my hubby and I kind of hijacked it a few years was a silly gift...actually a DOG TOY...Bummer, right? I mean, it's so dang cute! I wish it was suitable for children to play with...haha...well, Maximus has handled it quite a few times with all of the Kooky Chicken stories I have done with him.

My parents took M and me out for lunch on my birthday. And the post that you saw the chicken in...this was at a little store/farm across the street from the restaurant that we ate. They had goats and chickens and you could buy food and feed them if you wanted...I think the goat may have licked M's hand and after that, he just pretty much stood and watched from a distance. :)

Well, my dear. It is getting late...I should be heading to bed soon. Have a wonderful week!


Blond Duck said...

It's 90 here-- It's so hard to think fall when it's so hot!

Barbara said...

Hey Jamie, thanks for coming by....I will post two burlap wreaths if you have time to drop in again. Give me a few days...jut put my house and lake house up for sale and trying to declutter!!!!!!!