Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bon Voyage on Disney's New FANTASY Cruise Ship

We are ready for our adventure at Sea!!This trip was a Christmas gift to our kids and grandkids, sadly our Son and new Daughter in Love could not make the trip, due to their wedding and Honeymoon(Our gift to them) and being in a friend's wedding out of state, they were both out of vacation time. Don't worry, another cruise is planned !!!
 The kids enjoyed looking out the window and of course asking.....Are we there yet????
 Even little dude is big enough to pull his own luggage!!!
 Entering through those Magic Ears!!
 When you enter the Ship's Majestic Lobby, your family is introduced and the crew welcomes you onboard!!
 We hurried up to decorate the kids room!!!And sit out little gifts from "Mickey"
 So excited!!!
 After dropping off our stuff and waiting for our luggage to be delivered, we wanted to go Exploring!!
 We headed first to Cabana's for some lunch!!I will post pics of this Marvelous ship in a later post!!!
 Kids wanted pizza of course, and Miss C loved her Mickey shaped plate!!
 Cabanas has a Little Nemo theme and is very tropical looking.
 Love these Pelicans that shout "Mine-Mine-Mine" in the movie!!
 Loved all the windows all the way around the room, you can also sit outside at the Stern and enjoy the sea air!!

 Before heading back to our room, we explored the 4th deck. This is where you can play shuffleboard or jog, going around the ship 2 1/2 times is running  1 mile, and I did run a few miles on the ship...I worked to hard getting that weight off to EAT it back on!!!It also is a great place to sit back and relax.
 As we were walking to the Sail Away Party, LOOK who we bump into!!!
 The Sail Away Party was So fun and Most of the Disney Characters came out to Join in the fun!!!

 Almost 4,000 guests were onboard!!
 The DISNEY Fantasy whistle is a unique item...it is able to perform  the opening  notes to When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are!!!Also Yo ho - Yo ho a pirates life for me also It's a small world, Be our Guest and Hi Diddle Dee  an Actors life for me!!!! and A Dream is a Wish your heart makes.....this was Spectacular to say the Least!!!Loud But Spectacular!!!
 As we were sailing out of Cape Canaveral, we see part of NASA.
 Ready for OPEN SEA!!!
 As we were taking pics of us sailing away,  I look over and see Paul DiMeo, he is on Extreme Home Make-over....see him in the Gray t-shirt.....

 Miss C could NOT wait to get on the Aqua Duck, a water roller coaster
 She got her toe-nails painted with Minnie Mouse on her toe!!
 I think she was a little scared....Daddy was having a thrill a minute!!
 It curves out Over the side of the ship, then goes half away around the ship!!ANd this is UP on the 12th or 13th deck!!
 The Little Nemo water play area was a favorite for the kiddos!!

 The sting ray water slide was so fun....when you get to the bottom it's like a small slip and slide!!
 Big sis catching her brother!!
 Before dinner...(we were the late dinner and early show attendees)we went to our first show onboard. The Show tonight called Fantasy Come True was a great opening Show!!
 The Disney Cruise line has what they call Rotational Dining, each night you eat at one of three themed dining rooms. They also have two dining rooms you can choose to eat at and Pay extra for. We did not do them as Children are not allowed in these dining rooms and we were here to enjoy our family. Next time perhaps!!  Royal Court was our first night.....and it is indeed exactly as you imagine....fit for Royalty!!
 Little Miss had to bring her New Pet to dinner!!
 Cheers to a Great vacation!!Little dude is already asleep!!!East Coast time is brutal on us....
 Loved ALL the tile Mosaics in the dining room!!

 And the Royal Carriages that served as soft light....
 Meet our Assistant Waiter..Marlan!!See her name tag!!!

 We loved shopping at all the Disney stores on board!!
After dinner, we met Princess Tiana!!!
Isn't she beautiful!!!Love that movie The princess and the frog!!
Time for Mimi and Dude-dude to meet the BIG Mouse!!!
 The guys waiting for us.....the sitting areas all over the ship are amazing!!!
 Autograph time!!

 Then we took a walk around the 4th deck....
 We loved the lights around the bottom of the ship...allowed us to see how fast we were going!!
 Look who's awake!!
 What a fun breezy night..

 Back to our cabins and time for bed!!

 The kids enjoying the top bunk.....the sky is lit up with the Story of Peter Pan!!Don't worry no one slept on top!!
                                           Towel Animals!!!Cannot wait for Day 2...


JENNIFER said...

You guys go on the best vacations!! :o) Have a sweet week! hugs Jennifer

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

It looks like such a fun trip for all of your. I can't wait to hear more. See you Friday. Hugs, Marty

It's me said...

It looks like your life is filled with great trips darling...you are always on your way....hahaahhaaha!!...love Ria...enjoy !!!...love Ria...xxx..

Mevely317 said...

Good grief, Jamie :)
... I'm thinking Disney should hire you and your family as good-will (advertising) ambassadors!
I don't even have little ones nearby, but these pix make me want to pick up the phone and book a cruise!

Looking forward to your next installment!

Deanna said...

Jamie, Another neat post!
Fun to see what you've been up to.
Fun times,