Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 2---Sea Day on Disney's Fantasy

We all slept in today and had room service deliver us breakfast to our cabins!!Then it was time to see what Characters might be hanging out in the Balcony area of the Beautiful lobby!!We see it's Donald Duck of course!!
After a dip in the pool, we decided to try out the Pool side dining area.....there is Luigi's Pizza, Fillmore's favorite's and Tow Mater's Grill......this area is themed after Cars the movie!!!This ended up being our FAVORITE place for lunch everyday!!So many choices were available that we never got bored with the selections!!
Miss C met friends everyday, this little girl named Molly was from Iowa and she was such a fun friend for Miss C. They rode the slides together, played in the Big Pool and even hung out with me in the Hot tub!!

This is a see through window on the floor.....see the life boats below.....the pool area is on the 11th and 12th decks and those life boats are on deck four!!
At Noon everyday they play some of the  songs on the WHISTLE' is LOUD!! Th e video being shown in the background was of the voyage the Disney Fantasy made coming from Germany where it was built. It sailed through New york Harbor.!!!Different flavors everyday!!My fav....strawberry banana!!
                                       So glad I got that Brazilian Blow-dry for my hair!!!It is Amazing and Worth every Penny I paid......Alot of pennies!!!This is my hair after getting soaking wet on that Aqua Duck......and I still do not blow my hair dry unless I really want it styled.......I met a lady on the ship from Brazil, she said Every woman in Brazil has it done.....saves you so much time if you have curly hair. I have no more curly unruly hair!!

Everyone decided to go back and take a nap, Poor Stacie got really Sun burn, so she wanted out of the sun. So Miss C and I decided to hang out and have some fun exploring!!! I told her we were joining the Explorer's club....I told her "We are going to South America, it's like America, but South". My favorite line from the Movie UP!!!So a round of miniature golf was our first stop!!!

After that, she wanted to check out the Aqua Lab.....lots of fun water features around here!!
Then we headed inside to look for characters......we found Goofy, he took her hand and walked her over to the stairs so he could rest....
She thought he was Goofy!!

Next, we found Princess Minnie!!
And as all real Explorers do, we played the Mystery Detective Agency interactive look for clues ALL over the ship to who took the item your game piece tells you is missing!!
We looked in the London Theme Club called the "TUBE" clues in there.....but we just thought it would be fun to check out all the neat places onboard!!
The Skyline lounge.....
Ooh La La......So pretty!!
One of the Girls bathrooms....
                      had to peek in the boys bathroom too!!These are all made from tiles!!                        

Back outside for one more dip in the pools!!
The Mickey Pool!!!
Aww.....look who's outside on the pool's Pluto!!!
FORMAL night!!!!And our Show tonight is is an AMAZING SHOW....if you have had the pleasure of seeing it on Broadway... this was THAT GOOD!!!!
Little dude even liked it!!

Miss C loved this horse.....Not real...but she thought it was!!
The cast is so GOOD...the genie is hilarious and the Magic Carpet can do flips and everything!!!

                                         After the Show....we Met Cinderella!!!      

2 Pretty Princesses!!!!Miss C is wearing her Limited Edition Rapunzel Dress her Aunt Stacie got her for her birthday!!
In the Lobby they were passing out FREE COCKTAILS as it was The Captain's Reception.....
                  All dressed up and ready for dinner.....                                       
tonight we are headed to Animator's Palate....this place was Our favorite hands Down!!
Loved the decor and the interaction that goes on in this dining room.
Again we are table 88 and our same wait staff is with us. They follow their tables to each of the locales.
I love the different outfits the wait staff wear each night. This is our Main waiter, his name is Nicola and he is from Serbia....the former Yugoslavia. His girlfriend works on the ship as well, she is from France.
Dinner is always fun when surrounded by these guys!!!
The Turtle interacts with the guests....yelling out names of people from each table.......He talked to Will and I tonight!!
I told you I saw Paul.....well......his group included his wife.....his In-Laws and his wife's sister, her husband and their daughter. Funny thing is their cabin was just a few doors down from ours and they sat right by us every night at dinner....I allowed him his privacy and vacation peace so I never talked to him.....we did talk to the Sister in law and her little girl and Miss C often talked to the little girl!!!The little girl often slept through dinner on her Daddy's lap, they too were on west coast time!!
The Turtle talked to Paul too!!!
Then the wait staff danced with the kiddos!!
Miss C loved this lit up  drawing on the floor.
                                Our Towel Animal tonight.....a large Sea Turtle!!                       


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Oh such great pictures and so much fun. What a fabulous cruise and family time. Hugs, Marty

It's me said...

Again so from

Blond Duck said...

I think the towel animal is my favorite part! :)

Deanna said...

Hi Jamie.
Love the turtle!!! So neat.

Sea Day seems to be the stuff that dreams are made up of.

You all must have had a super time.

JENNIFER said...

I wanna be a kid again!!! I love all the characters! and that Skyline lounge, fit for a princess :o) I want the interactive turtle, how cute is that!...I'm having so much fun reading your posts...but I always love reading your posts. Have a wonderful weekend! hugs Jennifer