Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sea Day....Another WOW day!!!

A light point is shipbuilder's lingo for anything that is a LIGHT.........this magnificent Chandelier brings guests Eye to crystal  with art inspired jewelry!!We loved the peacock theme in the lobby from the marble on the floor to this stunning light!!It has more then 60,000 clear Swarovski crystal beads. The Disney Fantasy has over 80,000 light points, that is double the amount for a ship this size.
This Cute Baby elephant serves as the stern's mascot, in real life Dumbo would have to gather 24,266 of them to match the weight of this ship!!
No other ship company offers you 2 stateroom bathrooms!!!

Breakfast with a view again!!!
Stacie and I decided to play B-I-N-G-O......we did not win, but we had alot of fun!!
then we headed out to deck 11 and 12 for some water fun, I loved that Disney provides you with 2 phones so you can call your family anytime and anywhere......so they can never hide from you!!
Miss C loved her hair so much she slept in it and left it up for the day!!
Daddy and Liam taking a look at the Sea, rumor has it, we are skirting around a hurricane, His Name is Rafael, the 9th named Atlantic hurricane for this season.....
landing on the sting ray slide's tongue!!!
Movie time at the pool, today it is The Princess and the frog!!!I watched from my comfy lounge chair, Miss C enjoyed it from the Mickey Pool!!
Tonight's show is "BELIEVE"......oh this show was So good!!!

                                                          Dinner time......tonight's theme is Captain's Gala!!

This is the elevator.......I love all the little Disney things!!
More music and dancing in the lobby!!

What a Great Salute!!!
Mickey and Minnie together!!!
As a family.....We had the BEST time!!!!
The girls!!
She loved Saluting us!!
Dinner.....black tie and Coat!!

                                                           Dreams ..........living the dream!!                  

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