Tuesday, October 30, 2012

St. Thomas/St.John----US Virgin Islands

Today's port of call is St. Thomas, one of  the U.S. Virgin islands. Once occupied by Dutch sugar cane plantations and Pirates of the Caribbean, today it is a very popular tourist destination. We All loved St. Thomas, so much so, we would go back!!!St. John is a short ferry ride, two thirds of this tiny island is a National Park with shimmering white sand beaches to enjoy.
The aqua blue water is just as you would imagine.
We took a taxi ride and immediately noticed that they drive on the opposite side of the road.
Our first stop was Blackbeard's Castle, why it is called a castle, I do not know. The other popular name it is called is the Williamsburg of the Caribbean. I know our family really enjoyed all the pirate statues, my hubby's name is Charles and there is a Famous Pirate named Charles and even has our same Last name!!!!He is a character as well in all of the Disney Pirates of the Caribbean Movies!!

Argh we there yet????
From the hillside view we could see everything!!

There are several  homes in the compound and you can tour two of them. They were furnished in time piece furnishings. This home is called the Britannia House.
I Loved the crocheted bedspread.
The Crown House....
                                                                Yes, it was 99 steps from this point down to the street level, we had already climbed down 20 or so!!!
this home is the largest and is called the Haagensen Home.
I loved the bright colored walls and the old wood floors.

The large porch faces the ocean and has Magnificent views!!
We just sat here and drank our sodas and imagined living here with 9 children!!!As the original owner had!!
The large Amber Waterfall, Amazing!!
Once we made it to the street level, we went shopping!!!!First stop......Tiffany's!!
Guess who got something in that iconic Blue bag?????Miss C and I!!!
After several hours of shopping and sightseeing, time to head back!!
Little guy got a lift from Aunt Stacie!!!
                                 Dumbo serves as the Disney Fantasy's stern Character!!                     
After getting back, we went and saw the movie Frankenweinie!!
The Coast Guard escorts you out of the port.
And the Sun is about to set....
And Miss C had a date at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique!!!
She got her Hair all done up, her nails done and make up!!!She felt like a Real Life Princess!!

So cute!!!
And Meeting Ariel as Ariel!!
And Belle.....

                                              Miss C and Mimi meet Minnie Mouse again!!
Snow White and Dopey, the other 6 dwarfs were working in the Diamond Mine!!

Captain Hook and Mr. Smee
Peter Pan and Miss C having a fun conversation!!
Sleeping Beauty looks like she might be alseep....

Dinner at Animator's Palate for dinner again!!!
time for our interactive activity!!!Stacie's drawing, she drew Malificent!!
Miss C drawing her character....
Little dude trying to draw his........I think he thought He was the Character!!!
dessert kiddo style, decorate your own cupcake!!!
                         The Show begins........your drawing becomes part of the show......                      
Corie's is the red one.....
My hubby's is the second one from the left...Will's is the last one....
there is Stacie's Malificent.....Mine is next to hers....
And they always give credit to the artist!!!See all of our names????
And if you look you will see Paul Di Meo's name........
Our towel animal!!
I decided to go out and play trivia with Stacie and Will....we headed to the TUBE for the fun event!!Stacie got called up......she was right!!
Will was right!!!
                                                        Celebrating after.....Look at Stacie's shirt....looks good in there!!       

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