Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Welcoming breakfast for Buddy the ELF!!!

 My daughter does the Buddy the elf thing every year...this Year she decided to host a Great BIG welcoming breakfast for Buddy's first day...we hurried over before the kiddos woke up......and I think our daughter did an Outstanding job on all the decor and the food.
 a new elf to play with along with new monogrammed pajames!!!In cute little bags!!1
 There's Buddy sitting on the chandelier watching all the excitement!!
 Miss C was tickled pink!!!
 Little guy could not wait to get his hands on that food!!!Yes...a new Buddy the elf plate( Bought at pottery barn kids)
 She was So happy!!!
 and he was happy to eat all that junk food!!
 milk in cute bottles...
 reindeer donuts....
 Snowman donuts!!
My daughter also ordered these cute silver engraved spoons!!!
MY Son in law also cooked eggs, bacon and hashbrowns. But all that Sweet stuff sure was good!!

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