Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Off to Hollywood to film an infomercial/commercial!!!

 I was selected several months ago to participate in a new anti-aging skin care line.....after using it for a few months, I was one of the ones chosen to be flown over to Burbank, California to make an infomercial/commercial. I am not yet able to release the name of the product. It will begin to air very soon. The company that is putting this product out is a HUGE Company. I am nervous to say the least to see it air!!!
 I met so many wonderful ladies during the 2 days we were there.If I told you the age of this lady, you would Not believe me!!
 We also used a hand and foot glove......this is them doing our still shots of our feet.....we were shot with NO MAKE-UP on.....

 this is me waiting to do my hands!!! MY face is done and my feet!!!
 We were up on the 23rd floor of the Universal City Hilton for the still shots.....We could see all of Universal Studios!!!
 The lobby on our way to dinner......This Hilton boasts the BEST SEAFOOD BUFFET in Los Angeles

 Our Call time was 7 a.m. on the set.....it was an old warehouse in downtown Los Angeles
 They had a sidewalk chef cooking us omelettes!!
 WOW!!!!!Miss G looks beautiful!!!
 Miss C looks stunning!!!
 Me coming out of the make-up trailer!!
 All done shooting!!!
 getting some free time at Universal Studios!!

What a very fun and exciting weekend!!!!

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