Sunday, June 2, 2013

Remembering a Fallen Hero

 It was an honor to attend the funeral of Phoenix firefighter Brad Harper who was killed while working. Many of our friends were pall bearers, they are all fire fighters as well. The front two are cousins of the fallen firefighter. Our Son went to high school with the cousins, Brad is a few years younger and this was a small private high school and everyone knew everyone. Brad and his newlywed wife were neighbors of my Son's good friends as well so he saw Brad and his wife often.
 It was maybe one of the saddest funerals I have ever attended of someone I did not know personally. It was also a celebration of His Life and GOD was the main focal point of this service.

 MY daughter and Grands dropped me off at the church where the service was held, there was approximately 5,000 people there. When she picked me up after, she wanted to show her respect by waiting on the side of the road for the motorcade to go by, that motorcade was probably 5-7 miles long. There was firetrucks  from Every City in Arizona. This is the station where Brad worked, so truck #21 carried his body to it's final resting place.The length of CARS behind all those firetrucks was probably another 20 miles long....

 Seeing that LAST CALL sign....was probably what brought me to tears....Hearing it I HEARD, brought everyone to tears.

 We waved and shouted THANK YOU to Every Single truck that went by....

Even Little Miss waved til her arm hurt, and hearing her shout Thank you, brought Mommy to tears. This Family appreciates every single Public Service officer out there.

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Rettabug said...

What a moving tribute to a fallen hero...they truly ARE heros, too, running INTO a burning building instead away from the danger.

Thanks for sharing this...I'm passing on your link to many.