Thursday, July 18, 2013

Air Force Academy Colorado Springs, Co

 Day 3 we headed South to Colorado Springs!!!The United States Air Force Academy is located here. I heard so much about the Chapel there after our Son went to  his friend's wedding here. His friend graduated from the Academy in 2008.
 Don't you WISH OUR GOVERNMENT could live by this motto?????
 The Chapel
 Freshmen at the academy must walk on the white lines......and they are Not allowed to talk in the plaza area....

 the Organ was amazing
 hubby tried walking on the lines...
 I tried....
 we gave up....
 Their is a Protestant Chapel, a Catholic, Buddhist and Jewish.

 These paintings are valued at over 1 million paint.

 AN old TORAH is just outside the Jewish chapel, it was found hid in a warehouse in Poland. The Nazi's wanted it as a show of defeat for a later museum.....BOY were they wrong!!
 After  that we stopped at the B-52 on display.

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